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You can always simply call and we’ll help to verify your benefits quickly by phone.

Morningside Recovery is able to accept many addiction treatment insurance plans up front as full or simply as partial payment of treatment costs. Insurance coverage differs greatly from plan to plan, so we encourage you to submit a secure verification form online or verify benefits by phone at (855)-631-2135. Although we are a “private pay, out of network” facility, many PPO insurance plans can and may cover our services (examples include Aetna, Anthem, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, Primera, and others). In some cases, we are able to accept your insurance plan as payment in full, while other plans may require a deposit or copayment if out of pocket maximums have not been met or if coverage of our services is limited. Even if our exact services are not expressly covered by your plan, we may be able to obtain a single case agreement with your provider that will cover the cost of treatment while a client at Morningside.

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If your insurance is unable to be accepted as upfront payment for services, Morningside’s highly experienced billing department will make every effort to gain payment for services rendered and reimburse the financially responsible party up to the full cost of treatment. When this is the case, we will notify you, to the best of our knowledge, what the expected coverage and reimbursement will be, before you make any financial commitments.

Regardless of the type of insurance policy you hold, there is always a possibility that alternate arrangements can be made with your carrier on a case by case basis. We encourage you to submit an insurance verification form or contact our admissions department to discuss payment and insurance options as they relate to your exact policy.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Addiction Treatment Insurance

Can insurance cover treatment costs?

We work with various insurance providers and offer alternative payment options to get you the help you need. Our staff is skilled in working with insurance providers to help you get the most out of your available addiction treatment insurance benefits.

Does health insurance cover rehab?

Many health insurances plan will cover some costs of addiction treatment. Coverage varies from plan to plan. Although we are an “out of network” treatment provider, many PPO insurance plans do cover our services. In some cases, your insurance plan may even cover the entire cost of treatment. Private pay is another option if your insurance plan will not cover our services.

The American Medical Association recognizes addiction as a disease. This means that insurance companies recognize the need for addiction treatment and see it as being medically necessary. Many private insurance policies cover addiction treatment to the same degree that they would cover other medical conditions.

What insurances do you accept?

We accept the following insurance providers:

  • Aetna
  • Humana
  • Cigna
  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Primera
  • United Healthcare
  • Anthem
  • Highmark
  • Molina

Regardless of whether or not your insurance covers the costs of treatment, we are willing to work with you and offer alternative payment options. This is determined on a case by case basis. Our staff will take every measure possible to help you get covered for the costs of treatment.

What does medical insurance typically cover?

Addiction treatment insurance policies differ in the type and amount of services they will cover. Most policies will cover one or more of the following services:

  • Detox – Medically-assisted detox services are generally covered. These are conducted at a third-party location, where we will monitor each client’s progress prior to coming to Morningside.
  • PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program) – Clients attend groups full day of six days a week. This is primarily where clients start off in our program.
  • Intensive Outpatient – Consists primarily of therapist sessions and groups throughout the week.
  • Outpatient Treatment – The lowest level of supervision. Clients will attend groups and therapy session at a minimum of 3 hours a week. Coverage of this service varies greatly from plan to plan.
  • Drug Screenings – Periodically administered to clients throughout their stay. Coverage for this service varies greatly from plan to plan.

Whether or not an insurance company covers these services is dependent on if they deem them as being medically necessary. In some cases, insurance providers will deem certain aspects of treatment as being more necessary than others, so they will cover the costs of those services.

What covers treatment at Morningside?

Our treatment program is covered by the out of network substance abuse benefits offered through private insurances. These services fall under behavioral health benefits, which are offered by many insurance providers.

How to determine if you’re covered:

  1. Call us and speak with an admissions coordinator. Ask them about what “levels of care” are covered for treatment (detox, assessment, outpatient etc.)
  2. Ask about out-of-network benefits
  3. Ask for information on copays and deductibles
  4. Ask what your maximum expense for out of pocket costs is
  5. Once your information is gathered, a billing representative will verify your benefits through your insurance company

Other payment options for treatment:

We have partnered with Prosper Healthcare Lending to help those whose insurance is unable to cover the costs of treatment. With this program, you can apply for financing for treatment from your computer and receive an instant pre-approval decision. You can find out more information on these options by visiting our Treatment Financing page. We also offer short-term payment plans as another option to finance your stay in treatment.

“When I was looking for treatment, I was broke and I didn’t have any money to pay for it. When I called Morningside, I found out that my insurance covered over half of the treatment costs. I couldn’t be more grateful. It was the best decision I ever made for myself.” – Bernette H., Morningside Alumni

For more information on addiction treatment insurance options, call (855) 631-2135 to speak with an admission coordinator today. They can answer any questions and help you find the right treatment option for you.