two individuals enjoying the benefits of morningside recovery treatment for mental health and addictionMental health disorders can cripple your life, making everyday tasks seem impossible. PTSD, bipolar, depression, borderline personality, trauma, and anxiety are just some of the many common disorders that affect one in five Americans. Allowing these disorders to go untreated can also make reaching sobriety seem hopeless. Without the tools you need, reaching sobriety while battling a mental disorder on your own is a recipe for discouragement and frustration. If you need help with your mental health, turn to Morningside Recovery treatment for mental health and addiction.

For over 15 years, Morningside Recovery treatment has been at the forefront of treating mental health disorders. Paired with the latest in evidence based therapy and holistic treatment, it’s possible for people with mental health disorders to live a healthy and engaged life. Morningside’s clinicians are specially trained with expertise in a variety of traditional and alternative modalities including dialectical and cognitive based therapies, eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), and more. Reach out at 855-631-2135 to begin with treatment, or read on to learn more about our programs.

Mental Health and Addiction

Many people don’t realize the dangerous relationship between mental health disorders and addiction. Many people who suffer from addiction likely suffer from an underlying mental disorder that fuels their substance abuse. For example, someone may consume alcohol to cope with the stress due to anxiety. If both problems aren’t addressed at the same time, one will eventually cause a relapse in the other.

In other cases, substance abuse may bring on periods of depression or anxiety, which can lead to prolonged problems with mental health. Drug use will change the chemical balance of the brain, which can also lead to mental health issues. There are also cases where individuals attempt detoxing on their own from their substance of choices. In cases like this, withdrawal symptoms can include panic attacks, severe anxiety, and severe depression.

Treating mental health is also necessary for long-term addiction recovery. An untreated mental health disorder is the most likely trigger for an addiction relapse. For a client to prevent relapse, they have to learn healthier, sustainable methods or managing their mental health. For many people, this takes the form of self-expression through art, exercise, healthy eating, or getting involved in the community. All of these coping mechanisms and skills are things a client can learn through Morningside Recovery treatment for mental health and addiction.

Specialized Mental Health and Dual Diagnosis with Morningside Recovery Treatment Programs

Morningside Recovery’s treatment offers personalized addiction and mental health rehab programs in Orange County CA. With these treatment programs, our staff is able to provide our clients with what they need to recover. Instead of wasting time with methods that won’t work, we use methods that will work best for each client. Ignoring the presence of a mental illness or mental disorder will only hinder the ability to achieve recovery. Treating both addiction and mental health is the best way for clients to not only find recovery, but remain in recovery. Morningside Recovery treatment can include the following programs.

Dual Diagnosis

Since each individual is different, Morningside Recovery treatment approaches every client’s recovery through collaboration and personalization. A healthy lifestyle starts with knowing the person.

Mental Health

Approximately one in five American adults (43.8 million)- suffer from mental health disorders. Sadly, most of them will never get the support they need because of stigma. Morningside Recovery treatment for mental health and addiction provides the help they need.

Expert Staff

Morningside Recovery staff members bring compassion and commitment to the treatment process. Clients and their care providers form unique relationships based on trust, creating a safe environment for personal exploration and transformation.

Morningside Recovery Treatment for Mental Health and Addiction

You don’t have to struggle between the pains of addiction and mental health disorders. The professionals at Morningside Recovery are ready to work with you towards a sober life. Along with Morningside Recovery treatment for mental health and addiction programs, we offer a variety of services that help you learn healthy coping mechanisms that you can use for the rest of your life. Our services help those struggling with a wide range of mental illnesses along with a variety of substance addictions.

Our addiction therapy services include:

The Morningside Recovery treatment for mental health and addiction can help you or your loved one take back control of life. To end the cycle of addiction and to learn more about Morningside Recovery, call us today at 855-631-2135. Let us help you make better choices, every day.