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Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Over 20 million Americans struggle with addiction. Many of them self-medicate in an attempt to manage their mental illness, but eventually are left with more problems. Many times these conditions overlap, but patients will often receive treatment for their addiction, without getting the necessary help they need to treat their mental health condition.

Morningside Recovery specializes in dual diagnosis treatment, which treats patients who struggle with addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders and takes a comprehensive approach by placing an equal emphasis on treating addiction and the underlying mental health issues that influence it.

The complex relationship between mental illnesses and addiction requires help from specialists who can properly assess the severity of one’s condition and have the necessary knowledge to treat them.

While many patients who struggle with addiction may exhibit signs of certain mental health disorders during their addiction and in early recovery, these feelings and behaviors may persist and it’s important that these patients receive a proper assessment and the individual attention they need.

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