a group therapy in sessionRehab for drug and alcohol addiction involves a variety of approaches. Whether you attend an inpatient or outpatient program (or a combination of the two), you’ll attend counseling sessions frequently. Sometimes, you’ll meet with a therapist for individual therapy, and other times, you’ll participate in group therapy. You can enjoy numerous benefits in a group rehab setting.

How Group Therapy Benefits You in Rehab

Many users feel alone. They feel distanced from their loved ones, and they often believe that no one understands them or what they’re going through. This may or may not be the case. What’s important is that the person feels this way. Because those feelings can be painful, some people turn to drug and alcohol abuse as a way to ease the pain.

Gradually, they may fall into addiction, which contributes to those feelings of loneliness. One of the hallmarks of dependency is the isolation that users experience. Instead of hanging with friends and family (who may judge them for using), they withdraw into themselves. They’d rather be alone and use in peace.

When you enter rehab, all the other participants know exactly how you feel. They’ve been in the same place you are. They’ve probably made some of the same mistakes. They “get” you like no one else can.

If you’ve felt abandoned, that can change in group therapy. Surrounded by peers who are familiar with your struggles and fears, you may feel understood for the first time in your life. You’ll likely be more willing to open up and share because you know they won’t judge you harshly.

This give-and-take communication is essential for helping you recover. The more you participate in rehab, the better your chances of achieving lasting sobriety.

Continuing Group Therapy When Rehab Ends

If you had a good experience in group therapy in rehab, you might be sad to see it end. It doesn’t have to.

You can continue support group meetings after rehab is over. This can be very beneficial for your ongoing sobriety. Again, you’ll be around people who’ve walked in your shoes. You’ll feel part of a group that accepts you and supports you as you navigate your way without leaning on drugs and alcohol.

How often you attend group meetings is up to you. Some people rely on AA meetings, while others choose different groups. Whatever works for you is what you should stick with. As you move further into your sober journey, you’ll be able to inspire others who are just starting.

Although addiction can make you feel incredibly alone, you don’t have to stay that way. There are people ready to support and guide you toward a better future.

Start Over at Morningside Recovery

You’ll find the compassionate addiction treatment you deserve at Morningside Recovery in Orange County, California. We’re a pet-friendly facility that welcomes men and women who wish to make better choices.

We provide residential and outpatient treatment, along with medically supervised detox that keeps you safe. Our state-of-the-art facilities ensure you have a comfortable, relaxing rehab stay.

Our dual diagnosis treatment includes:

You’ll learn healthy coping mechanisms that help you handle stress and negative emotions in a better way.

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