woman participating in our career counseling and vocational programOne of the biggest deterrents of receiving treatment is the fear of putting one’s life on hold. Many individuals in need of treatment worry that their life will be on pause at this time. This pause would mean falling behind when it comes to their education and career goals. Falling behind could mean struggling after treatment to play catch-up in life. However, that doesn’t have to be the case. Morningside Recovery believes that our career counseling and vocational program can help prevent our clients from falling apart in their goals.

Clients in our outpatient and intensive outpatient programs will have the chance to pursue their academic and career goals during treatment. They will participate in 4-6 week-long programs where they can acquire a skill or trade. Clinical staff will be available in the evenings for those seeking employment or academic courses during the day. Through our career counseling and vocational program, clients can feel an increased sense of self-worth and work towards obtaining gainful employment after treatment.

Building Skills for Better Employment

Our program offers workshops where clients build valuable life skills such as resume building, computer use and tips for interviewing. We also offer outside opportunities for them to volunteer at local organizations and build their academic skills. These opportunities are for those interested in taking charge of their job search. They can do so by exploring who they are, what they want, and how to get there. This workshop will teach the latest job search processes, tools and strategies.

Career Counseling for Career Assessment Tools

Clients will take personality and career assessments to determine their interests and what they want to accomplish. They will identify their strengths and any transferable skills, which can help them in a future job. Our goal is to help them become more aware of their strengths and how to utilize them for success. These tools can help streamline the process of finding a job after treatment. Clients will have a clear idea of what type of job and career they want to pursue. Instead of floundering with options, clients can go after the field they want.

Financial Advising Services

There are workshops available that teach clients better ways to manage their finances and learn about funding their future education. They will identify ways to increase income, decrease expenses, understand basic taxation, and rebuild their credit so you can build a solid financial foundation. We also offer a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) workshop and a college reentry application workshop where they will learn about the differences between loans, grants, and scholarships.

The vocational program helps our clients build a strong foundation for their recovery. Our clients can then leave treatment with a plan of action. There are a variety of tools to help them move forward in their chosen career path and start building the life they have always wanted. These resources help them develop an adequate balance between life, work, and recovery.

Recovery with Morningside Recovery

Morningside Recovery considers the goals of our clients as our own. We offer numerous rehab programs and addiction treatment services to help our clients find the recovery they need and deserve. We help our clients realize their short and long-term goals while providing them with the skills and support they need to achieve them. Our career counseling and vocational program helps place our clients on the right path towards reaching their goals and living their fullest life after treatment. To learn about your options, reach out today at 855-631-2135.

Let Morningside Recovery help you achieve lasting sobriety, health and renewed passion for life!