a group of adolescents taking part in the intensive outpatient program Orange County trusts Morningside recovery is proud to offer an intensive outpatient program Orange County can trust. Held at Morningside’s Clinical Campus, clients will attend treatment groups and individual therapy sessions during the mornings, afternoons and evenings, led by our professional clinicians. Clients will attend educational sessions on a variety of topics relating to addiction recovery and coping with mental illnesses. These groups review the latest research in addiction treatment to educate them on developing better coping strategies for dealing with their condition after they complete treatment. Intensive outpatient clients will learn how to identify and understand their triggers for using drugs and practice better life habits to prevent from relapsing.

Morningside’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) explores topics relating to the stages of addiction and its psychological and physiological effects on the addict. Clients will also learn how to identify high-risk situations associated with drug use, how to change their behavior for the better and avoid bad influences. These group meetings and individual planning sessions focus on helping our intensive outpatient clients build a solid foundation in their early recovery, give them the tools they need successfully integrate back into society after treatment and enjoy a long-term recovery. This intensive outpatient program Orange County turns to is here to help those struggling get back on their feet.

More about the Intensive Outpatient Program Orange County Trusts

Clients will have full access to various recovery support groups including traditional 12 step-based options like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Cocaine Anonymous (CA) and alternative options like SMART Recovery. The recovery support groups such as these provide tools to help them gain more insight into their condition, learn positive ways to handle life stressors and build a large support network of other individuals who share a common struggle and are recovering from their addictions. Clients will be provided transportation to meetings of these groups Sundays through Fridays (they have a weekend activity every Saturday) and can design their own treatment program in accordance to whichever recovery program they choose to follow. Morningside Recovery is committed to providing each client with every possible resource to help them succeed in their recovery. If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction and are seeking help, there is a way out.

Let Morningside Recovery help you achieve lasting sobriety, health and renewed passion for life!

Continuing Levels of Care at Morningside Recovery


Maintain success and enjoy the many benefits of going back to school or work. Clients will have one individual therapy session and two facilitator-led groups.

Aftercare and Alumni

Morningside Alumni enjoy weekly support meetings, free social activities, and clinical follow-up. These opportunities help our clients maintain a life free of addiction.

Treatment Methods at Morningside Recovery

Morningside Recovery offers unique rehab with personalized treatment programs, including the following modalities.


Our pet-friendly facilities allow clients to bring their animal companion with them for the length of their stay. This feature offers comfort, support and the opportunity for clients to care for something beyond themselves.


Clients will identify and address subconscious issues they are facing through experiences such as guided imagery, role-playing and various outdoor activities.


Takes a broader look at a client’s overall mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. This encourages them to grow in ways that traditional means of therapy may have a harder time doing.

Evidence Based

Helps clients identify their negative thought patterns and behaviors. Clients will learn and develop more constructive ways to cope with emotions and succeed in their recovery.

Non 12 Step

SMART Recovery is a scientifically-based alternative to 12-step programs. This progressive approach helps clients stay sober and become more self-reliant in recovery.

LGBTQ Recovery

Addiction is a rising problem in the LGBT community. Morningside Recovery’s inclusive treatment model helps people to find hope and move forward


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