group participating in addiction therapy through addiction therapy servicesThere is no universal way to achieve sobriety. Everyone is different and will reach recovery in their own way. While some individuals may find it easier to talk openly about their addiction, other’s find this basic form of therapy daunting and ineffective. Forcing individuals to speak about their addiction in a setting that makes them uncomfortable can only make a recovery harder rather than helping. Because of this, developing unique ways to help those suffering from addiction is a must. Without the most effective addiction therapy services, sobriety can feel impossible.

At Morningside Recovery, we offer unique and effective addiction therapy services to help clients create a plan that works for them. We believe that medicine is always changing and are constantly learning about new ways to help our clients. Our nursing staff will work with each client to determine which of our addiction therapy services are best for him or her.

So what can clients expect from us? Our addiction therapy services include the following.

Adventure Therapy

Through adventure therapy, our clients can experience both emotional and physical challenges in an outdoor setting. These challenges can include:

  • Ziplining
  • Hiking
  • Camping

These challenges help the clients to learn about themselves, working with peers, and implementing positive changes in their life. Nature is also known to help reduce stress and have an overall calming effect on some individuals. This setting allows individuals to explore themselves and their problems with addiction in a more relaxing setting instead of an enclosed office.

Evidenced Based Therapy

Evidenced-based therapy allows clients to gain insight into their behavior and thought patterns. The following three components make up this proven therapy option:

  • Patient values
  • Clinical expertise
  • Best external evidence

Evidenced-based therapy allows clients to create new forms of thinking to help them achieve sobriety. Determining patterns of thought and behavior can allow clients to create new patterns to help prevent relapse in the future.

Experiential Therapy

Unique experiences allow clients to realize and confront their subconscious issues. Options include:

  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Yoga

Experiential therapy creates a safe environment for clients to work through their negative feelings and experience personal and emotional growth. This therapy promotes focusing the mind while also allowing the client to explore their creative side.

Holistic Therapy

This approach to therapy goes beyond traditional talk sessions. Options include:

  • Drum circle therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Tai chi

Holistic therapy allows clients to achieve feelings of overall well-being through enjoyable therapy opportunities. Instead of focusing solely on the addiction, this therapy focuses on the body, spirit, and mind of an individual.

Addiction Therapy Services with Morningside Recovery

Morningside Recovery is passionate about offering therapy services that help everyone who turns to us for help. Whether it be with one-on-one talk therapy or finding focus through yoga, we want our clients to find the help they need. We know that while addiction affects so many, there isn’t one general fix. As new techniques and treatments come to the forefront of addiction recovery, we will update our services and offer what our clients need. Our rehab programs are here to make lasting recovery a reality for the clients who come to us.

If you’re looking for unique and effective addiction therapy services, look no further than Morningside Recovery. Our residential programs offer something for every client. Individuals who walk through our doors have the opportunity to enter treatment that day, and our trained nursing staff is prepared to help. Call today at (855) 631-2135 to find a therapy service that works for you.