A young woman after morningside detox programsIt can be difficult for individuals to make the decision to begin their journey towards sobriety. It’s even more difficult when they begin to think of the obstacles that stand in their way. One of the biggest obstacles that deter many from reaching recovery is withdrawal. The abrupt stop of any type of illicit substance will cause physical and sometimes mental discomfort. Many individuals find that withdrawal affects their sleep, appetite, and moods. There’s also a risk of severe symptoms depending on the strength of the substance that the individual uses. Some severe symptoms can include tremors, severe pain, and have the potential to be fatal. The intensity in which withdrawal can occur is why professional detox programs are necessary for recovery.

Detox Programs and Their Importance to Recovery

When an individual makes the decision to longer use their substance of choice, the begin the detox process. This means that the substance is leaving the body entirely. During this time, the body can begin to experience withdrawal symptoms. While some of these can be mild, other symptoms can be dangerous. More severe side effects of withdrawal tend to occur when the substance in use is more potent, or if the body has built up a strong dependency and tolerance over a longer period of time.

With residential detox programs in Orange County, individuals are able to experience withdrawal in a safe environment. Medical professionals are able to monitor those experiencing withdrawal to prevent injury or death. Should the need arise, the professionals can administer medications to help make the process more comfortable and less stressful on the body.

Morningside Detox Programs

At Morningside Recovery, we provide medically supervised detox programs for our clients. We provide the highest quality care for those withdrawing from opiates, alcohol, and other illicit substances. Our residential detox programs allow clients to experience detox in an environment that is safe and stress-free while being monitored by licensed healthcare practitioners.

How to Get Started with Detox

Our detox programs begin with a full evaluation by a licensed doctor to assist in the process. The trained Morningside Recovery staff also performs an evaluation of each client’s history with substance use to determine the proper treatment. This allows us to effectively determine the type of approach needed for each client that enters our programs.

It also allows us to determine if any medications will be needed to aid in the detox process. This can help alleviate some symptoms and make detoxing as stress-free as possible. Less stress can make detoxing more successful and make sobriety a reality.

Choosing your Detox Program

Why choose Morningside detox programs for your sobriety? Our detox programs offer the following:

  • Constant monitoring for safety
  • High-quality medical care
  • Removal of the substance from your body
  • Preparation for the next steps to sobriety

We understand how scary and challenging detox can be. We offer the support, comfort, and medical knowledge that’s necessary during this imperative first phase of recovery.

We offer a variety of detox services, including:

Morningside Recovery for your Recovery

Additionally, our rehab programs help our clients tackle their journey and begin the road to sobriety successfully. It’s understood that one program won’t work for everyone, which is why each of our clients enrolls in a program that is specific to their needs. We want successful sobriety for each of our clients, and our trained staff will work with every individual to reach success.

We also offer addiction treatment services for a variety of addictions, including:

  • Alcoholism
  • Cocaine
  • Ecstasy
  • Heroin
  • Marijuana
  • Opiates
  • Prescription drugs

Morningside detox programs are available to those ready to begin making better choices, every day. If you want to take this first step towards finding lasting recovery, reach out to Morningside Recovery today for help. Call now at 855-631-2135 to learn about options for paying for detox.

Let Morningside Recovery help you achieve lasting sobriety, health and renewed passion for life!