When you make the decision to enter a rehab for substance abuse, it’s important to find programs that suit your needs. In many places, rehab programs only include talk therapy. Instead of looking at each client’s individual needs, they take a blanket approach to treatment. Not every client has the same experiences, personality, or goals. To ensure that each client receives the help they need in a way that is not only beneficial but enjoyable, Morningside Recovery rehab programs in CA come in a wide variety.

group of adolescents enjoying Morningside Recovery rehab programs in CASome of Morningside Recovery’s best work is done outside the office. In addition to the basic freedoms our clients have, they can take part in special programming that includes academic support, job finding services, and experiential adventure therapy. To help with education, we offer our Morningside Academic Institute. Experiential therapy is especially popular and beneficial because it offers clients the chance to do things they love or may never have tried before. The unique Morningside Recovery rehab programs make treatment a positive and meaningful experience for our clients. We offer a number of rehab programs and treatment options that can include: an intensive outpatient program, 12 step recovery, residential treatment, non 12 step rehab, Orange County residential detox programs, and outpatient treatment.

Explore Morningside Recovery Rehab Programs

Each of our rehab programs offer unique experiences while clients learn essential skills and vital life lessons to carry with them after treatment. While we do believe individual and group therapy sessions can be influencial during treatment, we also believe other programs can be just as influencial. Here are some of our available rehab programs that can provide you or your loved one with the help necessary for lasting recovery.

Pet Friendly

Our pet-friendly drug rehab facilities allow clients to bring their animal companion with them for the length of their stay. This feature offers comfort, support and the opportunity for clients to care for something beyond themselves.

Vocational Program

Clients will participate in courses where they can acquire a certain skill or trade during their stay. This includes courses from academic catalogs from trade schools all across the US. This also includes career counseling.

Adventure Program

Adventure Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that utilizes learning through outdoor activities and creates emotional or physical challenges for the client to face.


Addiction is a rising problem in the LGBT community. Morningside Recovery’s LGBTQ substance abuse treatment model helps people to find hope and move forward.

Alumni Program

Our alumni program is based on weekly meetings and activities. These are provided for all graduated clients to attend. We encourage our clients to become and remain active in our network of recovering alumni.

Christian Recovery

Our Christian Recovery program gives clients options to incorporate their spirituality into the recovery process and utilize their faith as support.

Academic Program

We help clients meet both treatment and education goals, regardless of academic failures in the past. Morningside Recovery gives clients a second chance to learn.

Dual Diagnosis

Being pet-friendly offers comfort, support and the opportunity for clients to care for something beyond themselves. That bond and companionship makes a big difference.

Couples Treatment

We believe couples seeking recovery should have the option to experience the process of achieving an addiction free life, together in a healthy positive way. We provide couples counseling and other services to help our clients.

Jewish Recovery

With more of the Jewish Community recognizing the prominent rise in alcohol and drug abuse issues, we offer a tailored Jewish recovery program for the Jewish faith in a private, safe setting.


Interested in beginning treatment at our Orange County detox center? Questions about our Morningside Recovery rehab programs? Call us today at 855-631-2135. You can also visit our Contact page to get started. Speak with a member of our Morningside Recovery staff to have your questions answered. Our trained professionals will be able to explain our services and provide you with a plan of action to begin your treatment.