a young woman participating in jewish recovery for alcohol and drugs

Addiction does not discriminate. Regardless of gender, ethnicity, age or religion, addiction can greatly affect anyone and the people that surround them. This can result in harm and detrimental outcomes. However, within the Jewish Community, this is not always thought to be the case. Rooted deeply within the community, the idea of addiction is considered taboo by many. However, substance abuse within the community is an ever-present issue that needs to be addressed. At Morningside Recovery, we aim to help all people who are struggling with addiction, including those within the tight-knit Jewish Community. Our recovery program for alcohol and drugs is here to help out our clients within the Jewish community.

According to those within the Jewish Community, substance abuse has become an only increasing issue. With more and more people suffering from addiction, the need for Jewish recovery programs is growing. Due to the denial that is frequently associated with substance abuse in the community, it is difficult to accurately pinpoint how many Jews suffer from alcohol or drug abuse. It is common for those in the Jewish community to feel shame surrounding their substance abuse issues. In Jewish tradition, treating your body with the utmost respect is essential; therefore, the use of alcohol and drugs is greatly frowned upon. Feelings of isolation, guilt, and shame dominate the minds of those battling with their addiction. The fear of judgment by the greater community can sometimes prevent those struggling from speaking out. Therefore, many people do not receive the help that they desperately need. Due to this, members of the community have begun speaking out about their own experiences with addiction. By doing so, the community aims to create a space where help is provided for those who want it, but feel too ashamed to ask for it. Rabbis, along with community members, have begun approaching the issue head-on.

The Need for a Jewish Recovery Program

With more of the Jewish Community recognizing the prominent rise in alcohol and drug abuse problems, the need for treatment remains strong. At Morningside Recovery, we offer individualized treatment that includes the full spectrum of addiction and mental health treatment including detoxification, residential treatment and intensive outpatient programs. Our facilities in Orange County, CA, provides privacy and comfort in our single bedrooms, family therapy sessions, handcrafted kosher meals upon request, and attend Shabbat. Our expert clinical team works with each resident and their families to create an individualized treatment program to address both addiction and mental health issues.

Let Morningside Recovery help you achieve lasting sobriety, health and renewed passion for life!

Morningside treats addiction to illicit substances including alcohol, methamphetamine, benzodiazepine, cocaine, heroin, opiates and more. Along with treatment for substance abuse, Morningside also treats mental health disorders by utilizing dual-diagnosis. Dual-diagnosis is the process of treating a resident’s addiction, as well as any co-occurring mental health disorders that may exist, by approaching each with equal emphasis. Mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, personality disorders and post-traumatic stress disorder could be hiding under the surface of any resident’s addiction. We recognize the importance of treating both the addiction, as well as any underlying mental health disorders. By doing so, it allows members of the Jewish Community, who may have negative feelings about themselves and their substance abuse issues, to gain a better understanding of their addiction and themselves.

Jewish Recovery Programs at Morningside Recovery

young man participating in jewish recovery for alcohol and drugs When residents join us at Morningside, they have the choice to participate in several unique treatment options: twelve-step, non-12 step, holistic, experimental, evidence-based and adventure-based programming. Those struggling within the Jewish Community can choose what program they feel will fit best with their own personal beliefs, values and will better assist them in their journey to recovery. Throughout their program of choice, our expert clinical team will provide residents with useful skills to better manage interpersonal conflict and guidance to make healthier, drug-free choices.

Morningside Recovery is also a pet-friendly facility. Being pet-friendly allows our residents the ability to bring their pets along to treatment. At Morningside, we believe pets are positive, uplifting and beneficial to the treatment process. Pets have been shown to boost mood, offer companionship and provide a sense of purpose. Contact with pets has also been shown to alleviate certain mental health disorders and has also been shown to help those struggling with addiction by keeping them occupied, reducing a fixation on drug cravings. There are no breed restrictions or size restrictions, allowing residents to bring their best friend along.

While many Jewish leaders are now speaking up about substance abuse issue within the community, the shame and judgment cast onto Jewish addicts still exist throughout. We want to help those struggling with substance abuse, specifically in the Jewish Community, live a life free of addiction and shame. Morningside wants to help rid those common, harmful feelings of guilt, shame and self-loathing that surrounds many Jewish addicts. The stigma against Jewish addicts can feel debilitating; we aim to help break that stigma down by instilling each resident with the idea that asking for help for an addiction is not shameful or wrong, but rather a step in the right direction. Addiction is not an easy feat to conquer — millions of people in the world battle their own addictions — and we want to help them throughout their Jewish recovery process.

Morningside wants to see those struggling within the Jewish Community find lasting recovery, in a positive environment. To learn more about our services, call today at 855-631-2135 or visit our Contact page.