When a client enters an addiction rehab facility, a professional addiction treatment specialist or counselor monitors every step of their journey. These staff members serve as key support systems for clients during their treatment, so it’s important that they are experts in their fields and care about the success of their clients. Luckily, the treatment professionals of the Morningside Recovery Staff are experts in their fields who dedicate themselves to the health and sobriety of their clients.

The Morningside Recovery staff is ready to help each and every one of our clients make better choices every day. Our team is made up of psychologists, psychiatrists, medical doctors, addiction counselors, MFT, LCSW, dietitians, CBT therapists, and acupuncturists. Without this team of professionals, we would be unable to provide such unique and effective services. At Morningside Recovery, we find professionals with the best training and who display dedication to our values. We pride ourselves on finding professionals that bring years of training, education, and experience to the table. We also look for those who share the same passion for healing and recovery that we do.

Get to know the faces of our Morningside Recovery staff below.

The Friendly Faces of the Morningside Recovery Staff

Stephanie Bouse

Director of HR

Kevin Cowgill

Admissions Supervisor

Jonathan Estupinan

Utilization Review Case Manager

Jake Franko

Case Manager

Edgar Galicia

Admissions Coordinator

Kevin Granich

Admissions & Marketing Director

Erica Hummer

Case Manager

Gabe Hynes

Director of Utilization

Amanda Luna

Insurance Billing Supervisor

Patrick Mahoney

Business Manager

Kris Nelson

Community Manager

Kyle Smith

Director of Business Development

Jerry Tyner, MA, LMFT

Clinical Therapist

Ashley Holler

Case Manager

Barbara Kimberling

Director of Operations – Residential

Kaylee Blevins

Licensed Vocational Nurse

John Corrales

Behavioral Health Technician Manager

Tracy Wright

Clinical Services Coordinator

Brenna Viamonte

Licensed Vocational Nurse

Jonathan Garrett

Behavioral Health Technician

Lindsay Mills

Vocational & Discharge Planning

Luis Molina

Behavioral Health Technician Manager

Get Started with the Morningside Recovery Staff

At Morningside Recovery, we know that the journey to recovery isn’t a journey you should have to take alone. We offer a number of treatment programs to help clients along their paths to recovery. Guided by our caring and expert staff members, the programs help clients get back on the path to a life of health, happiness, and sobriety. Some of these programs include:

Without a staff that offers a number of varying skills and specialities, successful treatments wouldn’t be available. Without a team that shares the same passion for helping others, recovery can’t be a reality. Let the Mornigside Recovery staff help make your recovery reality.

Morningside Recovery is nothing without our staff. If you wish to learn more about the Morningside Recovery staff, reach out to us today. Call 855-631-2135 to speak to one of our trained staff members and learn more about our treatment programs. We are ready to answer your questions and make a healthy life a reality for all of our clients.