a successful session of family therapyAlthough one person may abuse drugs and alcohol, the actions affect more than just themselves. Their loved ones will experience the impact of addiction. Many users tell themselves that they’re not hurting anyone else, but nothing could be further from the truth. When they choose to enter rehab, they’ll discover a lot about themselves and their motivations for addiction. They can also take part in family therapy to start healing for their loved ones, too.

Addiction Destroys Families

Addiction is one of the most destructive things that can happen to a family. One person’s actions can break bonds and ruin lives. However, users don’t always act alone.

Sometimes, family members enable them without realizing they’re doing it. Every time they make an excuse for a user’s addictive behavior, that’s enabling. When they take responsibility for something the user did, that’s also enabling. Drinking or using with them, covering up for them, and trying to control them are also enabling behaviors.

What if you’re not doing any of those things? Can you still be negatively impacted by addiction?


It’s devastating to watch someone you care about to destroy themselves with drugs and alcohol. They may have expressed a desire to quit, but keep using. You might ask yourself, “Why can’t they quit?” This is one of the questions you’ll have answered in family therapy.

Benefits of Family Therapy

Many rehab facilities offer family therapy programs. If you don’t know a lot about addiction, it can be hard to understand why people continue using despite suffering negative consequences. You probably feel frustrated, angry, and confused.

It’s important to take part in family therapy if you can. It offers a lot of benefits, such as:

  • Helping the user not feel alone since their loved ones are coming together to support and assist
  • Teaching the family a lot about addiction, giving them a better understanding of the user’s motivations and actions.
  • Making loved ones more compassionate and less judgmental.
  • Giving everyone the chance to practice forgiveness.
  • Allowing families to begin the healing process.

Addiction causes a lot of pain. To heal rifts, the person abusing drugs and alcohol has to forgive as well as accept forgiveness. Family members must do the same. With the right therapeutic approach, families can become closer than they’ve been in a very long time.

Families can often participate if the rehab facility is nearby, but they can continue therapy after rehab ends. Continuing counseling can further strengthen those bonds broken by addiction.

Helping You and Your Family Heal

Morningside Recovery is a detox and addiction treatment center that believes in helping people make better choices, every day.

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We provide rehab programs, such as:

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