When it comes to treating addiction, a lot of options are available to people. Most of the treatments fall into either clinical or holistic care. One of the most successful and proven types of clinical treatment is cognitive behavioral therapy. But what is CBT and how can it help?

What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

teen participating in cognitive behavioral therapy or cbtWhen you enter rehab, you’ll likely hear about cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). Doctors first used this specific type of counseling to treat depression. Now, we know that it can help people overcome many mental health illnesses, including addiction.

The concept behind CBT is that feelings and thoughts affect how people act. The behaviors even influence others around them, especially family members and friends. The easiest way to understand this concept is to accept the idea that thoughts impact behaviors. When people have negative thoughts, they engage in negative behaviors.

The goal of cognitive behavioral counseling is to change how people think and feel to alter their behaviors. Replacing negative behaviors helps them overcome certain aspects of their mental health disorders.

Benefits of Behavioral Therapy

What makes CBT such a great option compared to other therapies? First, people see results quickly. Different types of treatment can take months or even years to produce results. However, with this approach, most people see results in as few as 15 sessions.

Another benefit of behavioral counseling is that it engages the participants. Unlike some types of therapy, it requires 100% participation from both the patients and the therapists. This high level of engagement leads to quick results.

Lastly, this counseling method focuses almost entirely on current thoughts and feelings. Many other types of therapy require people to relive the past and deal with past trauma. While it’s a good idea to address trauma, it’s better for people to focus on what they can change. It helps them make fast improvements and move on from the past.

More Than Just Changing How People Think

While CBT is excellent for helping people overcome negative thoughts, it helps them overcome much more. For example, it teaches them how to relax, which reduces anxiety. Keeping anxiety levels down is key in overcoming addiction.

This type of therapy can also provide assertiveness training, which can improve romantic and friendly relationships. It has a positive impact on family relationships as well.

Furthermore, cognitive behavioral counseling teaches people about self-monitoring. The more that they take a look at the bigger picture, the more insight that they gain into their lives. This training approach modifies their general thought patterns to improve their lives too.

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