The current leading cause of overdoses in the United States is from prescription medications, but many people don’t realize it. It’s easy to believe that heroin is the primary cause of addiction because of all of the news stories. The reality of the situation is more and more people are abusing prescription medications, and Adderall addiction is a major issue. If you feel you have a problem with this medication, you may need the help of an Adderall addiction treatment program in CA.

Why an Adderall Addiction Treatment Program?

a group taking part in a adderall addiction treatment program in caThere’s a common misconception that addiction can only occur with illegal substances like heroin or cocaine. Because of this, it can be hard to realize when a problem is occurring with a medication. Adderall is a medication that for people with symptoms of ADHD, but it can be addictive. ADHD is a difficult mental illness to deal with because the brain doesn’t allow you to decide what you focus on. While some people think ADHD means people have a lack of attention, it actually means people get hyper-focused on things.

Some of the common symptoms of ADHD include:

  • Difficulty maintain focus on tasks
  • Making careless mistakes
  • Forgetfulness
  • Not following through on plans
  • Troubles staying organized

An Adderall addiction treatment program in CA is for those who have been taking the medication in an abusive way. Adderall helps by stimulating the brain and allowing you to focus on what you choose to, but it also triggers dopamine. Due to the way the brain wants you to repeat any behavior that gives dopamine, you may begin abusing the medication. There comes the point where you begin turning to Adderall more often causing your life to become unmanageable, which means it’s time for an Adderall addiction treatment program.

Other Reasons for an Adderall Addiction Treatment Program

Each year, more and more people develop an addiction to Adderall, but they don’t have ADHD. This happens because many young people are turning to this stimulant medication as a recreational drug. There is a large group of people who use amphetamine medications like Adderall in a similar way to how people use cocaine. You may be someone who needs an Adderall addiction treatment program in CA because of your combination of alcohol and the drug.

There’s a growing number of people who are dying from the combination of Adderall and alcohol due to how it affects the body. People begin to feel drunk as they drink in excess, and it’s the body’s way of having you slow down. Drugs like Adderall lessen the effects of alcohol, so you’re at a much higher risk of alcohol poisoning. By going to an Adderall addiction treatment program, you’ll discover a new way of living without these substances.

Getting Help at an Adderall Addiction Treatment Program in CA

If you’re struggling with Adderall, a prescription drug addiction treatment program is the best way to regain control. Going to treatment is surrendering to the fact that you have lost control of your use of this dangerous medication. Whether you struggle with ADHD or not, the licensed therapists offer addiction treatment services to help you recover. This involves various forms of individual and group therapy methods to assist you in getting clean and staying clean for good.

Morningside Recovery is a family-owned addiction treatment program in Orange County, CA, that can help you. We pride ourselves on using evidence-based treatment methods to help people begin to recover. Some of the therapies we offer here at Morningside include:

Let Morningside Recovery provide you with the Adderall addiction treatment program you need. Call us today at 855-416-8202 to learn more about your options.