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  • Safe Storage and Disposal of Prescription Drugs

    Safe Storage and Disposal of Prescription Drugs In almost any home, there are medicines that have been prescribed by a doctor for the treatment of illness or some other condition. It is easy to pay little attention to these medications beyond their use; however, prescription drugs are drugs, and as such, they require a certain [...]

  • Mental Health and Addiction Charities That Rock!

    Mental Health and Addiction Charities That Rock! The money, goods, and other assets you donate to charity make a difference in the world as you assist that organization in achieving its mission statement. That’s why I support seven charities that specialize in mental health or addiction. They make a positive impact, and I think you’ll [...]

  • Love and Recovery

    Love and Recovery Butterflies, sweaty palms, flirtatious remarks, and constantly checking your phone is all a part of the dating world. Dating is fun; it boosts self-esteem, produces positive endorphins, and makes the heart feel good. That’s why it doesn’t surprise me when I am asked by a recovering addict, “When can I start dating?” [...]

  • Be Mindful in Recovery

    Be Mindful in Recovery A few days ago my work day went as normal. I spoke to clients, laughed with coworkers, and sipped my water as I snacked on a bag of chips. When the day came to an end, I grabbed my keys, shoved my cell phone in my purse, and walked out to [...]

  • 9 Reasons to Believe in an Addict’s Recovery

    9 Reasons to Believe in an Addict’s Recovery Half of all adults know a family member, neighbor, friend, or coworker who is trying to recover from an addiction. Perhaps an estranged spouse, beloved child, or absent parent is the addict in your life. Maybe it’s the individual in the mirror. No matter who it is, [...]

  • 21 Things About Domestic Violence

    21 Things You Need to Know About Domestic Violence Domestic violence is a horrific crime that affects people throughout the world. Thousands die every year in silence as they hide behind broken bones, bruises, and closed doors. Your race, occupation, or location don’t matter; domestic violence is found in the dirtiest of homes and richest [...]

  • The First Freedoms of Recovery

    The First Freedoms of Recovery A couple of years ago I came across an interesting article written by a mother. She had decided to stop yelling at her children by starting what she called the “Orange Rhino Challenge.” The idea of being calm and patient with your kids is a common parenting goal, but as [...]

  • Warning Signs of Teen Mental Illness

    Warning Signs of Teen Mental Illness Mental illness is a topic that often creates confusion, in that it is steeped in misconceptions. People who are unfamiliar with these illnesses often have a narrow view of what they are, who gets them, and how it affects them. The fact is that mental illnesses are a complex [...]

  • Adventure Therapy Treatment for Kids

    Adventure Therapy Treatment for Kids A typical therapy session, whether for psychological or substance issues, will place the client indoors with the therapist. The setting may be occasionally changed to facilitate group discussion, but aside from this one deviation, clients (especially children and teenagers) may find office sessions dull or uninteresting. Fortunately, the face of [...]

  • Identification & Treatment of Agoraphobia

    Identification & Treatment of Agoraphobia Agoraphobia is considered an anxiety disorder in which a person fears and oftentimes avoids situations and places that might cause them to feel helpless, panicked, trapped, or embarrassed. People that suffer from agoraphobia fear actual and anticipated situations, for instance being in crowds, or being in enclosed spaces. The anxiety [...]

  • The Process of Intervention Counseling

    The Process of Intervention Counseling An intervention is a group of friends or family members who get together to express concern of a person who has undergone some trauma or needs help with an addiction. The person is usually in denial of their problem or does not recognize their behaviors as a problem. The term [...]

  • Rumi’s Wisdom Sheds Light on Recovery

    Rumi’s Wisdom Sheds Light on Recovery Finding your way to a sustained recovery can feel like stumbling through the dark. Many recovering addicts feel lost at first, struggling with new territory and frayed emotions. That cloud will lift in time as you work with a therapist, harness recovery techniques, and rediscover yourself. If you know [...]

  • Symptoms of PTSD and Treatment Options

    Symptoms of PTSD and Treatment Options Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety based, mental health issue. Often triggered by traumatic experiences that induced great fear and emotional distress, PTSD can make it difficult for people to live their lives in a secure, confident manner. PTSD can be extremely debilitating, making it necessary for family, [...]

  • 12 Steps of Recovery

    12 Steps of Recovery Alcohol and drug addiction is a very difficult thing to cope with. It affects the user as well as friends and family members in many significant ways. Fortunately, there are many organizations and groups available to those struggling with addiction, which are there to offer help and hope. One of the [...]

  • Clean Etiquette Between Recovering Addicts

    Clean Etiquette Between Recovering Addicts Do you count many recovering addicts as your friends and allies? These folks are the ones who understand the joy, struggle, and intensity of recovery. They also understand how much hard work it takes to stay clean and sober. Fellowship is an empowering element in recovery, so I urge you [...]

  • How Can Urge Surfing Fight Relapse?

    How Can Urge Surfing Fight Relapse? Surfing requires more than balancing on a waxed board. To succeed as a surfer, you have to understand ocean waves and their movements as they constantly crest, subside, and shift. To master the ebb and flow of the sea, you need to be mindful, alert, and fluid. Addiction urges [...]

  • How Stress Can Derail Your Recovery

    How Stress Can Derail Your Recovery If you haven’t experienced stress before, then you probably don’t have a heartbeat; it is a part of living. We feel that familiar pressure on the chest, body sweating, heart racing, and stomach-churning feeling when we experience stress. This can come before a job interview, when a bill is [...]

  • 5 Questions to Ask Your Addicted Loved One

    5 Questions to Ask Your Addicted Loved One It can be so heartbreaking and stressful when a loved one is locked in addiction. You want to help, but you feel as if you’re walking on glass. It is difficult to find the words to address such a tense, volatile situation. I cannot claim to know [...]

  • The Many Myths & Misconceptions About Bipolar Disorder

    The Many Myths and Misconceptions About Bipolar Disorder A few years ago I was talking to a woman suffering with depression. She had battled it for years and was done fighting the war. As she fought back tears she said, “I wish I had bipolar disorder, so the highs would make the lows seem better.” [...]

  • Commonly Used Rehab Terms And Their Meanings

    Commonly Used Rehab Terms And Their Meanings When you begin seeking help for an addiction, you will catch certain terms being used over and over. You might hear these words frequently enough that you gain a basic understanding of the definition, but sometimes phrases can misconstrue the actual meaning. If you are looking to overcome [...]


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