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"Morningside's individualized treatment model addressed all of my needs. I was able to confront all of my pain and trauma." − Kelli K.

"I was very skeptical at first, but then I came to love my experience here. I got my health back, and my head is straight. I have a new perspective on life. I'm motivated to live now." − Shamus D.

"I got my motivation for life back. I addressed my core issues. I understand at a deeper level where my triggers are." − Nicki S.

"I have so appreciated my time at Morningside. I learned a lot. If you actively seek what you need, this program offers everything; it's all here." − Matt V.

"I feel Morningside saved my life." − Julie A.

"I got through some tremendous difficulties from my past and I learned how to manage my depression and anxiety without the help from drugs and alcohol and that's huge." − Rob S.

"My therapist is wonderful. She's done more work in 30 days than 60 days with my other therapist." − Katie Z.

"I came in hopeless and suicidal and now I'm grateful and I have a lot of hope. I gained insight into my own life and learned the life-skills to be a happy and a successful person outside of treatment." − John P.

"I got my motivation of life back. I addressed my core issues. I understand at a deeper level where my triggers are. I made new friends and I learned to trust, have compassion, and tolerance. I learned how to slow down and be present in the moment." − Doris K.


Morningside Drug Rehab Centers, dedicated to achieving lasting alcohol & drug addiction recovery and mental health rehabilitation, provide drug dependency treatment facilities in Southern California for women and men who need a rehab center for drug addiction; who are currently evaluating all choices and best options for dual-diagnosis treatment centers (treatment centers for dual-addictions disorders); or who immediately require treatment, rehabilitation and recovery from alcohol addiction within our alcohol rehab facilities; or therapy for mental illnesses such as bipolar disorders. We provide addiction recovery treatment programs and multiple-therapeutic, evidence-based approaches to mental disorders therapies, extending to our clinical professionals' treatment for bipolar disorders, treatment for the illness of depression, and an ideal treatment center for the rehabilitation from prescription drug addictions. Discover recovery from a leading substance abuse treatment center in California when you trust Morningside.

Our dual-diagnosis treatment center programs offer a variety of options for individuals suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction, mood disorders, and mental illness. Our professional therapists adapt their skills to the specific needs of the client, taking into account the client's culture, values, and patterns of relating to others. All clients work with a primary therapist, an alliance built on evidence-based thinking, which means picking the best clinical option available for a given client in a given context based on the best current information. For instance, a client who prefers a spiritual approach can work with a 12-step therapist. It's all about maintaining a supportive environment and providing individual, group, experiential, and adventure therapies that work through our drug treatment centers. Some specific therapies include: cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR), motivational enhancement therapy, drama therapy, trauma-focused cognitive behavioral therapy (TFCBT), Morningside Adventure Therapy (MAP), and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) – just to name a few. Utilizing this multi-disciplinary approach offers each client the opportunity to uncover the underlying issues related to their own addiction and/or mental health problems.

Recovery Programs: Addictions & Mental Health
Families, Women, Men, Students & Execs

Morningside Recovery healthcare and rehab programs include family recovery, treatment programs for women and men, and highly personalized programs for students and executive professionals of all ages. Each drug addiction treatment program starts with a full clinical assessment and the overview of each client's responsibility for their own subsequent recovery -- for the individual with the addiction is both the center of dysfunction and the solution to it. Families can attend our family workshops to learn about their own roles and dynamics. In every program Morningside professionals identify roles & responsibilities, many based on fear, guilt or shame, in order to educate, support, and nurture clients as they repair past hurts in order to set the stage for future growth. In improving self-esteem, establishing a renewed sense-of-purpose while outlining a sense of community and belonging, treatment at Morningside breaks the cycles of dysfunctional behavior. Clients can now allow purpose and participation into their lives for school, work, family and rebuilt relationships. A sustainable lifestyle of recovery culminates in the client's ability to manage a new emotional, mental and physical serenity. Individualized recovery program tracks are currently available for Families, Women, Men, Students, Execs, LGBTQ, Adopted family members, COEDs, for healthy living, and in our Bring Your Pet to Treatment program.

Dual Diagnosis & Mental Health Therapy: Co-occurring Disorders , Addiction & Comorbidity — Understanding Treatments for Dual Addictions

Unlike other drug and alcohol treatment centers that merely post the latest dual-diagnosis phrases on their websites, Morningside truly specializes in co-occurring/co-morbid addictions with behavioral disorders. A co-occurring disorder refers to the presence of both a mental illness and a substance-use disorder. Research has demonstrated that 50 percent of all individuals diagnosed with a mental illness also have a substance abuse problem. More importantly, those suffering from co-occurring disorders (also known as COD) are treated for all conditions simultaneously at Morningside. We offer both individual and group support, education, and family support during recovery. Helping a client go through assessment on to early recovery and then to achieve mental balance requires care, understanding, skill, and compassion. At Morningside, our clinicians incorporate all of these skills along with the latest evidence-based treatment approaches.

Our essential understanding of addiction is that it is broken or impaired choosing. An addicted brain has been altered in such a way that the drug has taken on psychological meaning at survival level, thereby making for the experience of staying high or supplied with drugs as the solution to any life problem. The threat of the loss of the drug is experienced as a kind of "psychological death" that the individual will do nearly anything to avoid. In turn, the addicted person is unable to make safe and sane choices until substance abstinence and recovery begin seriously. Click this link for more about dual-addiction treatment.

Private Drug Rehab Facilities in Newport Beach:
Orange County, CA Addiction Rehabilitation

Morningside Recovery understands the importance of privacy during the recovery process. Between the combination of our private individualized therapies and group therapies, Morningside is able to develop a clear understanding of each client's rehabilitation needs and to serve those needs using our unique and successful treatment therapies. Morningside goes to great lengths to ensure that our clients' information is private, and that only those persons that the clients themselves allow and permit have access to such information. Our privacy standards are some of the highest among all drug rehab centers.

Orange County, along the coast of Southern California, is a place of peace and serenity, which helps to offer the best temporal and scenic environment for the journey to recovery through substance abuse treatment. The living environments are spacious and comfortable, offering satellite television and high-speed internet access. Morningside Recovery, nestled at the top of Newport Beach's Balboa Peninsula, CA, provides an ideal location for individuals continuing in the recovery process to experience an exclusive sober living environment, as well as enjoy the experiences that California' Newport Beach has to offer.

Morningside Recovery: Alcohol, Drug, and Mental Health
Accreditations & Memberships

Morningside Recovery's clinical facility is certified by the California Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs (ADP) -- PDF format. This certification is provided to programs at drug and alcohol treatment centers that exceed minimum levels of service quality and are in substantial compliance with the State program standards. In addition, we are a member of NAATP (National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers). Also affiliated with AIS (Association of Interventionist Specialists) and NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), Morningside Recovery is devoted to helping our client residents in fostering a clear path to recovery and understanding drug addiction, as well as to providing hope and understanding to the families and friends of those suffering from alcoholism, co-occurring disorders, and/or drug addiction. Our memberships and affiliations with other organizations are proof and reassurance of the experience Morningside Recovery can provide our clients and their loved ones. We know sustainable recovery-- a greater distance from relapse--is possible when an internal shift occurs and a new lifestyle, a new perspective, develops. This makes us the top choice among addiction treatment centers. We are committed to helping families and individuals alike achieve an improved sense of emotional and mental well-being. Our determined approach provides each client with an opportunity to find stability, to find recovery and to reconnect with family. Morningside provides a safe setting that promotes growth and allows a transition into a committed lifestyle of sustainable sobriety and recovery.