Holistic Therapies

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At Morningside Recovery, we carefully select a variety of holistic therapy techniques that suits the needs of clients in recovery. Addiction treatment is not limited to therapy sessions and talk-therapy. We integrate acupuncture, yoga, tai chi, sweat lodge therapy, art therapy and drum circle therapy into our clients’ program in efforts to diversify treatment and make it more enjoyable.

Holistic therapies encourage clients to grow in a way that traditional means of therapy can’t. Each client as the opportunity to work with their therapist to develop a customized program that meets their individual needs. We are also a big advocate of dynamic treatment programming, where as the client progresses in their treatment and their needs evolve, their treatment options will evolve as well.

Our clinically-supported holistic therapy programs give clients the opportunity to learn progressive methods for developing improved coping skills that are conducive to recovery. Our therapists work with these clients to monitor their moods and behaviors, assess their progress and guide them through treatment in a way that optimizes their time spent here and helps them transition into life after treatment.

Clients with dual diagnoses have all aspects of their addiction and co-occurring mental health disorder considered within these types of therapy. This specialized attention increases the effectiveness of our programs. While traditional forms of therapy can help them with managing symptoms of their mental illness along wit their addiction, maintaining a solid foundation of open communication is paramount to the effectiveness of the therapists to help these clients.

Holistic therapy also provides clients with a means to participate in some physically rewarding activities that increase feelings of psychological, physical and spiritual well-being.

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