Experiential Therapy

Treatment through movement and action

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What is Experiential Therapy?

Experiential Therapy is a form of therapy that helps our clients to identify and address the hidden and subconscious issues they are facing through experiences such arts therapy, music therapy, yoga and tai chi, adventure therapy, and acupuncture.

At Morningside, we offer clients various activities such as meditation on the beach, hiking, snowboarding, whale watching and other fun and enriching outdoor activities that can bring a little bit more excitement to the treatment experience.

How Does Experiential Therapy Work?

Many clients come into treatment with a lot of pent-up emotional troubles. Our Experiential Therapy program allow them to express themselves and learn to feel all of those emotions they used to drown out with drugs and alcohol. At Morningside, therapy deals with feels such as inadequacy, jealousy, grief, loss, and shame. In treatment, clients are able to finally let go of this pain and move forward. From there, clients learn to be comfortable with themselves and their emotions and continue to grow.

The peer group culture at Morningside Recovery is vital to Experiential Therapy. Clients will attend regularly scheduled groups, where there is a strong pressure towards conformity and finding their purpose. This enables them to make the appropriate changes when unfavorable emotions arise. Our staff works tirelessly to foster a cohesive environment for our clients, to provide them with the support and individual attention they need.

During and after the activities that clients participate in, they process the experience so they can carry what they’ve learned into future experiences. They will learn about how to better process their feelings and express their emotions. From there, can learn how to truly let go of the pain they carried for so long. The activities included in Experiential Therapy also explore many positive feelings like contentment, excitement, hope, trust and gratitude.

One of the greatest gifts that clients can take away from this form of therapy is that you can still have a lot of fun in sobriety. Experiential Therapy can be a fascinating journey, even when clients are resistant to change and in denial of their illness. The therapist-client relationship is open and honest, creating a positive emotional climate where clients can find it a lot easier to enjoy themselves and see the good in their lives.

How Do I Get Help?

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