Christian Recovery Program

Your faith. Your recovery.

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Recovery and the love of God

We offer faith-based treatment options for our clients to participate in during their recovery. The Christian Recovery Program helps clients recover from addiction and other self-destructive behaviors as they experience and develop a deeper faith in and relationship with God during their treatment, empowering their recovery.

Clients will participate in weekly workshops and small groups featuring morning devotionals where they can find peace, power and purpose by developing a stronger relationship with God in their recovery. They will have the freedom to choose which small groups to attend, and the flexibility to explore our numerous other programs during their recovery as well as the Christian Recovery program.

The Christian Recovery program is based on a biblical and Christ centered approach to deal with our hurts, habits and addictions. This program is intended for you to find healing and change as you experience the love of God in your life and are able to surrender your pain and your problems to a God who is able and willing to come to your side. We find help, peace, power and purpose in relationship with our loving Creator who has an amazing purpose and plan for our lives.

How does it work?

Our clinical staff has developed this program to work in conjunction with the traditional 12-step treatment model from a biblical perspective that has been used for 80 years to help millions of people to recover from addiction. This model of recovery incorporates a strong relationship with God to provide the power that we need to gain recovery and change our lives for the better.

Clients will participate in daily workshops and recovery meetings to help them develop a deeper understanding of their faith, a stronger connection with God and the recovery community around them. Clinical staff will take them through an interactive look at the 12 steps from a biblical perspective and encourage application with a sponsor, who will be there with them every step of the way.

Clients will be empowered to apply biblical principles each week to help them find purpose, hope and freedom in everyday living. This straight-forward curriculum facilitates a non-judgmental atmosphere where equality and trust are paramount to recovery. We welcome patients from all backgrounds, sexualities and walks of life to this experience this program during their recovery, regardless of prior faith. Clients will also have the freedom to branch out and experience some of our other programs, where they will be encouraged to apply what they have learned during their Christian Recovery sessions to truly maximize their recovery experience.

How Do I Get Help?

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