Many people believe that drinking — including drinking too much — is harmless. However, if you’re one of the millions of Americans who’ve suffered the negative consequences of alcohol abuse, you know just how much harm it can do. If this sounds like you or a loved one, a women’s alcohol rehab center in CA can help you get your life back on track.

Women’s Unique Issues

young woman after attending a women's alcohol rehab center in caAlcohol is one of the most widely abused substances around. Unlike street drugs like heroin or meth, alcohol is perfectly legal to buy and use. There’s no stigma attached to drinking the way there is with cocaine abuse. In addition, many social activities include alcohol. All of these reasons lead to the belief that drinking isn’t so harmful.

Men and women often have different pathways into drug and alcohol dependency and addiction. While men tend to start drug abuse earlier and binge drink more often than women, women are more likely to engage in codependent behaviors.

In general, alcohol’s effects on women are more pronounced than they are on men. This is due to women’s biological makeup. Therefore, a man and woman can drink the same amount of alcohol, but she’s the one who’ll be affected more. This can lead to dangerous consequences.

Women also tend to have more anxiety and depression than their male counterparts, leading to the need for dual diagnosis treatment in a women’s alcohol rehab center. They’re also less likely to seek treatment due to caregiving obligations, which fall to women much more often than men. Many women feel guilt or embarrassment about needing rehab as well.

However, when women can participate in gender-specific rehab programs, it gives them the chance to begin the path of sobriety in a way that makes them feel very comfortable.

How a Women’s Alcohol Rehab Center Can Help You

Whether it’s a women-only treatment center or a co-ed facility with separate sessions for men and women, a women’s alcohol rehab center in CA can help you or a loved one a great deal. California has a host of drug rehab facilities. The beautiful climate and proximity to the ocean make it an ideal location to begin rehab.

When you’re in a women’s alcohol rehab center, you’ll probably feel much more comfortable talking to other women. It can be difficult discussing specific issues in a co-ed group, such as sexual abuse or eating disorders. When your peers surround you, you’ll feel how much they relate to your experiences.

In a supportive women’s drug rehab program, you’ll finally be able to open up about your concerns and anxieties. In one-on-one and group counseling, you’ll understand the factors that contributed to dependency. You’ll also gain valuable tools to overcome it.

The Perfect Women’s Alcohol Rehab Center in CA for You

There’s a women’s alcohol rehab center in Orange County, California that’s ready to give you the compassionate support and guidance you need to get sober. Morningside Recovery is a detox and residential treatment facility that helps men and women make better choices for their future.

We combine evidence-based and holistic therapies in our treatment to heal individuals on all levels — mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The programs we offer include:

If you’re looking for a men’s and women’s alcohol rehab center in CA, call Morningside Recovery. We’ll help you overcome drug and alcohol addiction so that you can take control of your life back. Reach out to us 24/7 at 855-416-8202.