It’s fashionable now to be gender-blind. In some cases, it’s a worthwhile practice. But when it comes to rehab for drug or alcohol addiction, it’s problematic. Here’s what you need to know about the importance of a men’s alcohol rehab center.

Addiction Affects a Man’s Brain Differently

young man after a mens alcohol rehab center in caAlthough it’s true that substance abuse is equally devastating for men and women, substances do have differing effects. Case in point is alcohol. The drug manipulates a man’s glucose metabolism. This physiological system dictates brain cell regeneration.

Men struggling with an alcohol use disorder face the potential for severe problems affecting the brain. Functioning decreases. Impulse control diminishes, which can result in questionable life choices. For many men, a long-term use disorder calls for the behavioral therapy only a men’s alcohol rehab center can provide.

Why are Men More Susceptible to Alcohol Abuse?

At the men’s alcohol rehab center in CA, there are more and more men inquiring about rehab programs. Gender differences certainly apply. For starters, it’s acceptable for men to be abusing the substance. Some go so far as to consider it a rite of passage.

People call a man who can drink a lot without becoming falling-down drunk someone who holds his liquor well. However, at a men’s alcohol rehab center, therapists know that this is the precursor to a stage two use disorder. The body’s developing a tolerance to the drug and doesn’t react to smaller quantities any longer. It’s a warning sign that most men ignore.

Society teaches them that alcohol is at the center of celebrations and good times with friends. When you’re drinking hard, you don’t have to deal with feelings and problems. Alcohol relaxes and counteracts inhibitions. Acceptance of male drinking patterns enables this gender to sustain long-lasting addictions.

What Happens at a Men’s Alcohol Rehab Center in CA

When you call a men’s alcohol rehab center in CA, things have probably gone from bad to worse. A job loss may be in your immediate future. You may have lost a relationship. Men in this position recognize that an alcohol addiction is okay with others as long as it’s invisible.

But when it causes problems, they’re alone with the consequences. At rehab for men, you have a chance to regroup and reset. Treatments include modalities such as:

  • Detoxification that provides for medical supervision and pharmacological support if necessary
  • Inpatient rehab that lets you put some distance between you and the drug
  • Gender-specific group therapy that challenges you but also provides encouragement of your strengths
  • Talk therapy that enables you to explore cognitive-behavioral treatment for taking alcohol out of the equation when dealing with problems
  • Holistic care that emphasizes stress management with breathing exercises

Adventure Therapy at Morningside Recovery

Alcohol abuse leads to risk-taking behaviors. Men, by nature, like to take risks. They want to push the envelope. Adventure therapy might sound like it’s just a bunch of guys doing exercise, but it’s a bona fide therapeutic approach.

It’s a staple at a men’s alcohol rehab center in CA. Activities might include white water rafting, desert camping, ocean kayaking, and mountain hiking. Depending on the season, it may also include skiing. You leave your comfort zone behind.

You do so with peers in recovery who’re also in a men’s drug rehab program. Together, you grow in self-esteem, coping skills, stress management, and self-management. You form healthy bonds with peers. In fact, you do have fun without using alcohol.

When you’re struggling with alcohol addiction, it’s time to quit. The therapists at the Morningside Recovery’s men’s alcohol rehab center in CA want to help. Don’t go at it alone. Get help today by calling 855-416-8202.