Addiction is the root cause of much suffering currently. From the person with the addiction to their loved ones, addiction reaches more individuals than we realize. This is a severe disease that’s killing tens of thousands of people each year in the United States alone. One of the biggest issues with getting help for addiction is that everyone gets help differently, but there’s a lack of options. At some of the best addiction treatment centers, you’ll have the option of doing a non 12 step alcohol rehab program.

Why a Non 12 Step Alcohol Rehab Program?

a group in a non 12 step alcohol rehab programAlcoholics Anonymous was the first addiction treatment program that started back in the 1930s. This program was the first program to help people recover from alcoholism and drug addiction. There’s no denying that the program is a way for many people to recover from the disease of addiction. The issue is that there is also a substantial number of people who the program doesn’t work for, so they need other options.

Another major issue is due to the popularity of these programs; many facilities use them as an example. When you go to treatment, it’s important to have a non 12 step alcohol rehab program so you can have more options. Many facilities don’t offer alternatives to 12 step programs because there are programs for every type of addiction. Some of the most common 12 step programs you may have heard of include the following:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Narcotics Anonymous
  • Cocaine Anonymous
  • Crystal Meth Anonymous
  • Heroin Anonymous

What is a Non 12 Step Alcohol Rehab Program?

Through decades of addiction research and many different scientific studies, we now have something called evidence-based treatment. These are treatment methods that are proven by science to help anyone who struggles with addiction. These forms of addiction treatment services show that the brain begins to heal and change the way you think and behave. This is extremely important because addiction occurs due to the way your mind works and your psychological dependence.

Through methods like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), you can succeed. These are evidence-based methods that help you begin to identify errors in your thinking as well as your behaviors. Being in a non 12 step alcohol rehab program gives you the time you need to practice these new skills. As you begin to replace your old behaviors with new, healthier behaviors, you’ll watch as your cravings begin to disappear.

Support at a Non 12 Step Alcohol Rehab Program

One thing that 12 step programs get right is the sense of community and the support from others who struggle with addiction. This is a major part of the recovery process, and you can benefit from it without working a 12-step program. In drug and alcohol addiction treatment, you’re going to interact with others who are trying to overcome addiction as well. One of the leading causes of depression is isolation as well as a sense of not belonging, which is why peer support is so crucial to recovery.

If you’re looking for a non 12 step rehab program that can help you recover, allow Morningside Recovery to be there for you. We’re a family-owned addiction treatment facility that offers 24-hour service to those struggling with an addiction. Our focus on family makes us passionate about helping you regain control of your life and rebuild your relationships. We’ll teach you to make better choices each day through our various therapeutic methods such as:

A non 12 step alcohol rehab program can be the next step you need to take on your road to lasting recovery. If you’re ready to begin living your best life, call Morningside Recovery today at 855-631-2135.