Are you ready to end your dependency on drugs or alcohol? You need the help of a good-quality detox and rehab facility. Do you know what to look for in an inpatient drug rehab center in CA? Your questions – answered.

Addiction is a Disease

An inpatient drug rehab center can help you overcome it. While there’s no cure for chemical dependency, it’s possible to manage the symptoms and deal with the causes. The focus is on sobriety as a lifestyle choice. Each day, you make better decisions than you might have made in the past.

Look for an Inpatient Drug Rehab Center That Offers Detox Onsite

young man considering inpatient drug rehab center in caMany an inpatient drug rehab center in CA only offers rehab services. People in need of treatment have to find a separate detoxification center. For some, this setup proves to be unsatisfactory. It may delay them from entering treatment.

Worse, there may be a lag between ending detox and starting rehab. Experts agree that this time is crucial to maintaining sobriety. However, if rehab doesn’t start soon, a relapse is likely. That’s why you should opt for a facility with detox onsite.

You start working with an intake counselor. This expert customizes your detox treatment. Medical supervision ensures safety and pain-free withdrawal. As you break the physiological addiction, you transition to rehab.

What Happens in an Inpatient Drug Rehab Center in CA

Once again, customization is a critical element of undergoing treatment at an inpatient drug rehab center. You don’t want someone else’s rehab. Moreover, you don’t want a general curriculum. By focusing treatment on your particular needs, healing becomes possible.

Examples of modalities include:

  • Behavioral therapies that assist with making changes in the ways that you interact with situations and stressors
  • Dual diagnosis assessment and treatment of co-occurring mental health disorders, which affect chemical dependency
  • 12 Step and non-12-Step recovery options as a means of helping you connect with others for relapse prevention
  • Couples’ counseling that allows you to reconnect with your closest relationship and overcome co-dependency problems
  • Career counseling and vocational help to present you with options for finding work after discharge from the facility

But there’s a lot more that happens in rehab. For example, some people need a faith-based component for healing. Others struggle with situations having to do with LGBTQ acceptance and lifestyle choices. Every program participant needs to have the type of care that responds to unique needs.

How to Pay for Your Rehab Experience

Paying for rehab sounds like it would be simple. The inpatient drug rehab center takes your credit card and charges the treatment to it. However, this setup doesn’t work for everyone. Someone else might need to rely on an insurance company to pick up some of the bills.

The intake expert works with you to verify coverage. This step is invaluable for finding out how much the insurer will contribute to your healing. Many an excellent inpatient drug rehab center in CA offers financial assistance for qualifying program participants.

Getting Started at Morningside Recovery

Rehab admissions start with a phone call. You connect with an intake specialist. This individual talks with you in a relaxed setting to find out what your needs are. Once you find the ideal treatment structure, it’s time to verify your insurance coverage or choose an alternative payment option.

From there, you get information on what to bring to rehab. You arrive at the inpatient drug rehab center in CA and settle in. When you’re comfortable, treatment begins. In fact, when you call Morningside Recovery at 855-416-8202 now, you can start rehab today.