young woman participating in pet therapyWhat reasons have you given for not getting the addiction treatment you need? Do you blame your job or location? Maybe you have family obligations that make inpatient treatment a challenge. Or perhaps you’re afraid there’s no one to look after your four-legged companion while you’re in rehab. With an increased understanding of the special companionship that animals provide, more pet-friendly treatment facilities are available than ever. Qualified professionals know that pet therapy can be incredibly beneficial in addiction treatment.

How Pet Therapy Benefits Addiction Treatment

Knowing that you can bring your dog or cat to a rehab facility will ease your mind a great deal. Not only do you not have to worry about how your furry friend is coping with your absence, but you also have the support of one of your most loyal companions right there with you.

Being a pet parent comes with a host of benefits, including stress relief and improved health. These same benefits apply to people who have the advantage of pet therapy at a rehab facility.

Just being able to rub your pet can ease some of your tension and melt stress away. Knowing that you have the unconditional love of a pet is a mood booster, so you’re more likely to feel happier and less depressed.

Pets and Improved Mental Health

As if addiction isn’t hard enough on you physically, it also takes a toll mentally. People suffering from drug and alcohol abuse often feel depressed and anxious. By going through rehab, you’ll learn ways to cope with negative emotions, without relying on drugs and alcohol. Engaging in pet therapy is another way to lessen those negative thoughts before they spiral out of control.

All too often, substance abuse gradually tears you away from the people you love. As you go deeper into addiction, you pull away from friends and family. You become withdrawn and isolated as drugs and alcohol take a more significant role in your life.

Feeling lonely is detrimental to your mental health. Even when you want to be closer to others, drugs and alcohol are keeping you away. You’ll feel more alone and depressed than ever.

Caring for pets, however, can measurably improve your mood. In rehab, with your furry friend by your side, you won’t be by yourself. You might also be more willing to take part in social activities, as pets can be excellent conversation starters. Instead of always worrying about yourself, you’ll have your companion to focus on.

As you work toward a better understanding of yourself and addiction in rehab, you’ll come to see how you can relieve stress and anxiety without using. Having your pet with you can help naturally produce dopamine, which can help increase the chances of successful recovery.

A Pet-Friendly Facility in Southern California

Are you looking for pet-friendly rehab centers in southern California? Then Morningside Recovery is an ideal option. Located in Orange County, our treatment center provides compassionate, skilled care for people seeking addiction help.

What is it about Morningside Recovery that sets it apart? We’re a family-owned center that provides medically supervised detox and aftercare programs. We also allow clients to bring their pets into treatment so that they have the support they need as they heal.

Our rehab programs include:

You can break free of addiction and live your best life. Contact our rehab facility, where we provide the unique benefits of pet therapy to our valued clients. Call us today at 855-631-2135 to begin your journey to recovery.