Drug and alcohol abuse affects people from all walks of life. Even people with strong faith beliefs can fall victim to addiction. When they’re ready to seek treatment, they may feel more comfortable in a faith based recovery program. By laying a strong foundation, they’ll have the tools they need to continue on a sober path.

What Is Faith Based Recovery?

individual in need of faith based recovery in caEvery rehab facility has its amenities and offerings. Some provide spiritual and faith based recovery.

While a rehab with general spiritual components can include any type of religious practice, faith based rehab is usually rooted in a particular faith, such as Christianity or Judaism. The treatment center may cater to that specific faith, or it may simply provide faith based programs alongside secular offerings.

People who prefer faith based options rely heavily on their relationship with God to help them overcome addiction.

Finding Comfort in Faith Based Recovery in CA

If you’re struggling with drug and alcohol dependency, you’ve probably felt very alone at times. You’ve felt abandoned. Whether or not you relied on your faith during these difficult periods, God was always there for you. Just knowing that forgiveness is within reach can be powerfully encouraging as you work through rehab.

Faith based recovery provides the spiritual support you need. You can connect with people who share your beliefs. Spiritual mentors offer valuable guidance to help you through the rehab process.

In a faith based recovery in CA, expect the same therapeutic approaches used to treat substance dependency, but you’ll also participate in religious activities or studies. This may include plenty of prayer or meditation time.

You’ll meet with counselors one-on-one as well as in group settings. Being surrounded by others who share your beliefs can make you feel strong enough to stick with the program. You’ll see that you’re not alone and that many other people go through the same struggles.

Feeling love and forgiveness from those around you can be a vital part of the healing process.

Continuing Support After Rehab

After rehab is over, what’s next? You know you’ll have to resume life at home, but to maintain your sobriety, some things will have to change.

You may find it helpful to meet with a support group. Many places of worship offer meetings, with some taking a 12-step approach, which is rooted in spirituality. Attending regular meetings is a good way to stay accountable. Not only will you receive support and encouragement, you can be a source of support to others.

You can continue your faith based recovery in CA after building a strong foundation in the right drug rehab treatment facility. Morningside Recovery is that facility.

Morningside Recovery

We provide faith based recovery in CA, along with evidence-based therapy and experiential therapy. Our detox and residential treatment facility are located in Orange County, and we accept men and women who are ready to make better choices.

Our caring professionals take a full-spectrum approach to care. By treating the whole person — physically, mentally, and spiritually — we give you the best chance at lasting recovery.

The rehab programs we offer include:

A better future can be yours when you participate in faith based recovery in CA. At Morningside Recovery, you’re never alone. Contact us any time of the day or night at 855-631-2135 for more information. We can start you on the path to lasting sobriety.