Men’s Treatment Program

The treatment of Men’s Drug Addiction & Men’s Mental Health issues often present unique opportunities, for recovery by gender — male gender roles in society often participate in gender-specific addictive reinforcement behaviors (e.g., men feeding men’s addictions; a male’s men’s group drug abuse hiding behaviors).

Male-Specific Therapy

Morningside Recovery recognizes that environments offer higher probabilities of treatment program recovery effectiveness, for adult males requiring solutions to drug addiction or mental illnesses. Substance abuse and mood disorders in men have a distinctive gender pathology and progression, and therefore require gender-specific approaches to treatment. Research shows that, in certain instances of substance abuse issues and mental healthcare, the underlying issues driving the abuse are unique to men (and unique to the female gender), requiring a specialized set of single-gender treatment services. In fact, Morningside relies on recent research that has found gender to be a crucial aspect when designing a gender focused rehab treatment plan.

The men’s treatment program at Morningside is a multidisciplinary approach with gender-specific chemical-dependency components. Much of the group therapy process and outside support groups are gender-specific. However, Morningside’s success is based on integrating all of our clients into real world situations that are observed and supported by clinical professionals. Our Men’s Treatment Program follows this same successful structure, and productive coed interaction and group therapy are in fact encouraged, yet monitored. This method of treatment allows clients’ primary therapists along with the rest of the Morningside clinical staff to be aware of any relevant issues that may only reveal themselves during real-life, mixed-gender interactions. While coed relations can be important, therapeutic programming is generally more beneficial without the immediate presence of females — so, these male-specific therapy sessions are held only in single-gender groups.

Our comprehensive men’s addiction treatment program provides only a clinically-appropriate level and duration of care, since men arrive at Morningside for a variety of reasons. Whether admitted for substance abuse, mental health, co-occurring disorders, or any of the many other issues we have successfully treated, each client is assured a highly individualized, issue-specific and effective therapeutic program. What clients take away from Morningside will benefit them in their continues recovery within the real world (and for the rest of their lives) rather than only during treatment.