Family Treatment Program

While addiction and mental health disorders are primarily an individual issue, they can have deeply troubling affects on the family.

The Morningside Family Treatment Program helps family members find ways to address problems present within the family, while a loved one undergoing addiction treatment. One of the primary aspects of addiction that clients will learn about is how their behaviors and actions affect the ones who closest to them and we look to aid the healing process within an environment that is safe and conducive to recovery. This can greatly benefit both the addict and their family.

Most of the time when a family has a loved one who is addicted, there is much internal conflict and often aspects of codependency, enabling, dysfunction and feelings of blame that are present. Meeting in a clinical setting with case managers and/or therapists can help the family and their loved one to properly address these issues and can gain some insight into the disease of addiction.

What to Expect with the Family Program?

Our family program is intensive and includes group meetings, lectures for family members, one-on-one sessions with therapists and educational seminars for family members. Family members will attend seminars where they learn how to identify dysfunctional behaviors and improve communication. For example, a family member may have some serious problems with codependency issues, but has good intentions in trying to the take care of their loved one. They will do whatever it takes to cover up for them and pay to bail them out of jail. They may perceive this as being helpful and caring when really they are enabling the addict to keep engaging in their risky and self-destructive behavior.

How Can the Family Program Help?

Getting the family involved in therapy can be highly effective in helping the addict through the treatment process. It helps motivate them to focus on taking care of their side of the street and helps to prevent any more dysfunction stemming from misplaced blame and returning to their old behaviors.

One of the key traits of an active addict is the sense of denial and blaming others for their problems. By getting the family directly involved in the treatment process, they can directly confront their loved one about their actions are affecting them and help them to make more constructive choices in future. Family members will learn about how they can best help the addict in their recovery.

Before, when I talked to my dad I had to sit on my hands. I don’t like being angry like that. When my dad came for the first part of the family program, I was twenty days into treatment and angry — but I still learned a lot. Later, at the second weekend I felt like we were both way more open-minded.” Therapy in Morningside’s Family Program uses the family’s strengths and resources to find ways to support the best possible outcomes. The Family Program helps families become aware of their own needs and helps keep substance abuse from moving from one generation to another.

Former Morningside Client

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