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Morningside Recovery believes that couples seeking recovery should have the option to experience the process of achieving an addiction free life, together. We are pleased to announce that we now offer the nation’s first addiction and mental health inpatient program for couples: Hand in Hand Recovery. Designed with couples in mind, Hand in Hand is a specialized addiction detoxification and inpatient program created to help couples overcome their addiction issues and treat any underlying mental health disorders that may exist. We offer an innovative mix of individualized therapy, couples counseling and the choice of several unique treatment options at our state-of-the-art detox and inpatient facility in Orange County, CA. Morningside aims to help couples struggling with addiction to experience recovery ‘hand in hand’ while building a stronger, healthier foundation together.

The Need for The Hand in Hand Recovery Program

Addiction and undiagnosed mental health disorders can have a harmful, significant impact on couples. When a couple is fighting for their sobriety, they are often presented with unique challenges that can “make or break” the relationship and can cause harm to the individuals involved. Substance abuse can often debilitate a couples’ healthy communication, positive growth and the overall longevity of the relationship. Often, it is seen that couples who struggle with addiction also struggle with domestic violence issues, financial strain, enabling one another in their addiction, unhealthy codependency and even divorce. Commonly, substance abuse treatment centers focus on one individual’s recovery, rather than helping to facilitate the recovery of a couple that struggles with drug addiction. Morningside strives to help all couples who are seeking recovery; we are inclusive to every couple including those in the LGBTQ community. By focusing our specialized treatment around couples seeking help, we believe that we can help foster drug-free relationships that are centered on healthier choices, positive growth and unity.

How Do I Get Help?

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