Mental Illness Treatment A program that finally “gets it right”

If you or a loved one has been dealing with mental health treatment for any length of time, you know the drill. Admit your loved one to a mental health treatment facility, then hope and pray (if that’s your thing) that the professionals at the mental health center get it right. After a 10-day workup and perhaps a dual-diagnosis, your loved one comes out of mental health treatment. From there, you hope that the meds are balanced and things go well. Unfortunately, you know from experience with other mental rehabilitation centers, that you or your loved one will likely end up back on the merry-go-round of treatment.

At Morningside Recovery, we take a different approach to addiction and mental health care. First of all, we treat every individual client undergoing mental health treatment as an individual. We assess their particular needs — their strengths, their weaknesses, and their specific situation — and craft a rehab and recovery program to meet their precise therapeutic goals. Secondly, we do not put your loved one in a closed environment. 5150 holds in a psychiatric unit may be the only way you’ve seen it done, but as you know, such holds do little or nothing to help someone undergoing mental health treatment to function in the real world.

Morningside was instrumental in my recovery. I discovered how to open up and deal with my past trauma. Sharing with others was very difficult at first, but I was able to relax and openly talk about traumatic events in my life. I learned a lot about what to anticipate and what to do when I leave the program.

Houston H., Morningside Alumni

We place your loved one within the community in a real-world environment with whatever supervision level is appropriate for their needs. For some clients, that may mean assisting them to manage many aspects of their daily lives. For others, it may involve teaching them to go to the pharmacy and order medication, how to shop for groceries, and how to manage funds and an apartment. As the number of individuals is unlimited, so are the therapeutic mental health treatment approaches at Morningside Recovery. We provide mental health treatment that is custom-tailored to the needs of your loved one. That way, at the end of their treatment at our mental health clinic, they walk away from the program with the real-world tools that they need to function in the community.

For some clients who have needs that preclude them from functioning on a fully-independent basis, we provide a managed, supervised mental health treatment environment that allows them to be as independent as possible. Consequently, while the person is in our mental health clinic the family doesn’t have to worry that he or she has dropped off their meds or is in harm’s way. They can visit their loved one at our mental health center whenever they wish and enjoy a beautiful home-like environment. Our mental health treatment facility provides long-term, high-level care for your loved ones. We offer a safe, secure, monitored environment that is the perfect setting for a patient’s rehabilitation. In short, we provide families with peace of mind.

If you’re ready to get off the merry-go-round of treatment provided by other mental health treatment centers, please call us and speak to a counselor today. Morningside Recovery gives people the help they truly need. We look forward to helping your loved ones get the mental health treatment they deserve.

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