Fitness, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Calculators for Positive Mental Health

Fitness and nutrition provide people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities with optimal health. In the United States, a significant rise in obesity has occurred over the past 20 years. The obesity epidemic has left many people suffering from chronic health problems, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, and asthma. As a result, the overall cost of obesity has increased medical costs by roughly $1,500 more than those of normal-weight people. People can avoid this by incorporating 30 minutes of physical activity into their daily lives and by making simple lifestyle changes that will leave them happy and satisfied for years to come.


Fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle calculators provide an accurate assessment of an individual’s physical health. Use these tools to calculate an individual’s body mass index (BMI), ideal weight, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. Calculate the risks of stroke, heart disease, and diabetes with these interactive tools. The human body relies on healthy lifestyle changes to ensure that it remains vital and strong.


Fitness calculators provide an accurate assessment of an individual’s activity levels. Use these tools to determine the running pace, one-rep max, target heart rate, lean body mass, VO2 max, body mass index (BMI), and life expectancy of an individual who exercises regularly. The human body depends on physical fitness to remain healthy. These tools ensure that an individual can meet their fitness goals in due time.


Nutrition calculators provide an accurate assessment of an individual’s nutritional needs. Use these tools to determine an individual’s daily recommended intake (DRI) for nutrient needs, basal and active metabolic rates, and water intake needs. The body relies on nutrition to remain formidable against disease. These tools ensure that an individual meets the nutritional needs to maintain their overall health.

General Consumption

General consumption calculators measure the overall impact of substance abuse. Alcohol, drugs, and tobacco can greatly decrease the human body’s ability to function optimally. In fact, excessive consumption of these substances can create an internal environment prone to disease. Use these calculators to assess your health. The best way to achieve optimal health is to eliminate these substances from your life entirely.