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Daily Share: Obama Proposes $1 Billion In Funding to Fight Opioid Addiction

On Tuesday, the Obama Administration said it would ask Congress to spend an additional $1.1 billion to combat the growing opioid epidemic The prevalence of prescription painkiller and heroin abuse has shook the nation over the last decade and raised the attention of lawmakers across the map. The Obama administration asked for half of this […]
Small Town Indiana is Gaining Statewide Support for Needle Exchanges

Daily Share: Hoosier State Supports Needle Exchange Programs in Rural Indiana

Small Town Indiana Gains Statewide Support for Needle Exchange Programs Scott County, Indiana saw an unprecedented HIV outbreak last year, due to the prevalence of intravenous opioid abuse. Over 180 residents tested positive, with a couple hundred more suspected. In response to this, the governor authorized 30-day needle exchange in Scott County, which since then […]

Nearly Half of Homeless Youth identify as LGBTQ

A new survey found that 43 percent of homeless youth identify at Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Members of the LGBTQ community have had much to celebrate in recent years. Gay marriage has been legalized and acceptance of this matter has grown. While this is a great triumph for this community, there are still many disparities […]
Executives Rappel Down Skyscrapers For Addiction Awareness

Daily Share: Executives Rappel Down Skyscrapers for Addiction Awareness

The Non-Profit Shatterproof is Raising Money to Improve Addiction Treatment and End the Stigma On Monday, January 25, nearly 200 corporate executives rappelled down a high-rise in downtown Los Angeles to raise money for addiction research and awareness. By Monday afternoon, these executives were able to raise over $70,000. Shatterproof, founded by hotel executive Gary […]
America’s problem with painkillers has caused a ripple effect

Overdose Deaths Rise, Big Pharma Profits

Let’s face it. While this country is suffering from one of the worst drug epidemics in history, big pharmaceutical companies are reaping in the profits. Big Pharma’s mass marketing efforts and America’s demand for painkillers have led to several consequences that continue to plague the US. Since the emergence of Oxycontin, our country has seen […]
Heroin is losing the stigma

Daily Share: Heroin usage does not discriminate

CBS’ Heroin in the Heartland shows that’s America’s heroin epidemic has no boundaries. In case you missed it, CBS’s Heroin in the Heartland covers America’s growing heroin epidemic. The story examines its massive presence in the suburbs of Columbus Ohio, where it has found its way into every strata of the community: high schoolers, college […]
Tom Hardy Talks About HIs Struggles With Addiction

Daily Share: Tom Hardy talks about his struggles with addiction

Actor Tom Hardy has been sober since 2003 and has made quite the impact in Hollywood The Oscar-nominated actor has spoken candidly about his past struggles with addiction from a young age. Hardy had struggled with addiction since he was teenager and underwent numerous run-ins with the law. His experimentation with drugs at the time […]
Documentary takes an unfiltered look at prescription drug abuse

Daily Share: Unfiltered look at prescription drug abuse

Prescription Thugs examines the largest drug epidemic facing the nation. Premiering today, January 22, Prescription Thugs examines the ongoing prescription drug epidemic that has swept the nation over the last decade. Film maker Chris Bell, exposes the crooked side of the pharmaceutical industry, the epidemic’s residual effects on the US, America’s obsession with pharmaceuticals and […]
Radical shifts in drug policy across the world

Breaking the stigma: Radical shifts in drug policy across the world

Let’s face it, the war on drugs has proven to be ineffective. Trillions of dollars and decades later, it has done little for treating addiction and has lead to a constant overflow in the prison system, and still millions of Americans aren’t receiving the treatment. Luckily, there seems to be radical shift in law enforcement, […]
New show takes an authentic look at recovery

Daily Share: New show takes an authentic look at recovery

Recovery Road tells the story of a young teenager, enduring the struggles of early sobriety. Premiering Monday, January 25 on Freeform (formerly ABC Family), Recovery Road tells the story of Maddie, a young and rebellious teenager who is mandated to a sober living facility. At first, she is apprehensive and like many of us in […]