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If you think synthetic drugs are safe, you’re dead wrong

If You Think Synthetic Drugs Are Safe, You’re Dead Wrong

Tainted Synthetic Marijuana sends 15 to Los Angeles Hospital Synthetic Marijuana, also known as K2 or Spice, sent 15 people living in downtown Los Angeles’ Skid Row to the hospital last weekend. A tainted batch of the synthetic cannabinoid was injected and many were found collapsed on the streets. In addition to the Los Angeles […]
Remembering Prince's Legacy

Daily Share: Remembering Prince’s Legacy, Not His Addiction

Despite the media’s focus on Prince’s Indiscretions, we all should focus on the good this music icon brought to the world Since Prince’s death last Thursday, the media has been swarming with stories of his supposed long-standing drug addiction, distracting the public from the true gifts that Prince brought to the music world. While it […]
Deadly Fentanyl Pills Are Spreading in NorCal

Daily Share: Fake Norcos Wreak Havoc in Northern California

Dozens of overdoses have been linked to counterfeit Norco pills, containing fentanyl in Sacramento County Three weeks ago, law enforcement officials in Sacramento County began seeing overdoses tied to the powerful opiate fentanyl. These people were taking fentanyl in a counterfeit pill form, which highly resembles the much less potent painkiller Norco. California health officials […]
Rehab is Rewarding and Verly Frustrating

Rehab is Rewarding and Very Frustrating

What I Learned from Treatment Going to rehab was a very rewarding and frustrating experiences. Nobody ever said that getting sober was easy. Like the long road of recovery, your time spent in treatment is full of twists and life-changing experiences, some of which I prefer not to go through again. I still remember my […]
CA Lawmaker Pushes for Safe Injection Sites

Daily Share: Safe Injection Sites Proposed in California

A lawmaker wants to allow addicts to use drugs at supervised facilities to reduce overdoses A California lawmaker wants to allow addicts in California to use any and all hard drugs at supervised sites to help prevent deaths from overdoses and prevent the transmission of HIV and Hepatitis C. This bill from Democratic Assemblywoman Susan […]
Two New Anti-Opioid Campaigns Launched

Daily Share: Two New Anti-Opioid Campaigns Launched

Last Week, two anti-opioid campaigns were launched to caution doctors and parents about the dangers of painkillers Two new ani-opioid campaigns were launched, in an attempt to educate parents and warn physicians about the risks associated with painkillers. A report done by the National Safety Council shows that 99 percent of doctors are prescribing painkillers […]
Walking across the country to raise addiction awareness

Daily Share: Walking across the country to raise addiction awareness

31-year old man is walking across the U.S. in memory of his sister, who he lost to drug addiction Brett Bramble, from Atlanta, Georgia, is walking across the country with his dog to honor his sister Brittney, who died just two years ago from a heroin overdose. Brett started this 3,200-mile journey on March 13 […]
Urine Used to Track Drug Use

Daily Share: Urine Used to Track Drug Use

Researchers are now using urine samples from wastewater to monitor drug trends Researchers and toxicologists are putting a report to monitor which drugs are being used in different parts of cities by collecting urine samples from sewage. They have been using wastewater treatment plants to find traces of substances. A new report by the European […]
New Counterfeit Xanax is Killing People

Daily Share: New Counterfeit Xanax is Killing People

New Counterfeit Xanax are being made with Fentanyl, an opiate even stronger than heroin Drug dealers have started manufacturing a counterfeit form of Xanax, a powerful drug prescribed to treat anxiety. It is nearly identical in appearance to Xanax and has already led to several deaths. It made an appearance in the San Fransisco Area […]
Federal Funding Ban on Needle Exchanges Has Been Lifted

Daily Share: Federal Fund Ban on Needle Exchanges Has Been Lifted

A new spending bill was approved last month which lifted the ban on federal funding for needle exchange programs Needle exchanges can now receive the financial boost they’ve long needed. Last month, the decades-long ban on federal funding being used for needle exchanges was lifted. This immense change in drug policy comes as the government […]