Suboxone Addiction Treatment

Many individuals find themselves hooked on Suboxone after receiving a prescription. Unfortunately, like many prescription drugs, Suboxone is highly addictive and can cause distress and destruction in the lives of both abusers and their loved ones. It is most often prescribed for a short period of time to help with chronic pain associated with withdrawal from heroin or other powerful opiates. Although Morningside does not prescribe Suboxone, Subutex, or any buprenorphine medication, we do accept clients who are currently on maintenance dosages of these drugs, and we are here to help those suffering from Suboxone addiction.

When Suboxone is used as a daily maintenance medication or recreationally, users often have problems that can result in Suboxone addiction. Family difficulties, social-skill erosion, educational and employment problems, mood disorders, and medical issues arise in the Suboxone user’s life. While this drug can dampen some of the more extreme consequences of opiate abuse, long-term use brings a host of unique problems that can only be addressed in Suboxone rehab.

I’ve done Suboxone detox three times and every time I told myself that I was fine and needed to get on with my life. Then I would end up stressed and it seemed like out of nowhere somebody would offer me dope and I would do it.

Morningside Alumni

Effective treatment of Suboxone addiction at Morningside Recovery involves amending attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors though a variety of programs and therapies.

At Morningside Recovery, clients engage in a recovery process for Suboxone addiction in a safe, supportive environment. Our primary-level care generally takes place after a complete detox from Suboxone. Clients are in a supportive environment with a clinical routine that forms the key relationships that enhance recovery. These relationships, which last for months, will be formed with professional members of the rehab treatment team, peers, and new acquaintances in the recovering community. In addition, a new set of family relationships and ways of relating to the world begin to emerge for those addicted to Suboxone as the work in this therapy builds steam.

Our therapists match evidence-based treatment to individual needs at each stage of rehabilitation. Over time, various combinations of treatment services coalesce to include contingency management approaches that reinforce positive behavioral change. Additionally, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) helps participants at Suboxone treatment centers learn positive social and coping skills. In clients with a dual-diagnosis or co-occurring disorder, these needs are addressed simultaneously to greatly improve treatment outcomes for those dealing with more than one issue.

One of the key differences at Morningside Recovery is the tireless work ethic and quality of our staff. A client’s low motivation to participate in treatment does not dissuade our therapists. They know that research has shown that outcomes for those who are pressured by family to remain in treatment are as good as or better than outcomes for those who complete treatment without external pressure. With this in mind, the clinical staff at Morningside recognizes a client’s lack of motivation not as a moral failure but as a symptom of addiction to be combated. This insight is shared with clients, and it can be particularly important for individuals being treated for Suboxone addiction because motivational enhancement is key to meeting program goals at Suboxone treatment centers.

Stress is often a contributing factor to relapse after rehabilitation, and before clients leave treatment to face the many challenges and stresses in their daily lives, Morningside provides the tools to stay clean. Clients set goals during Suboxone addiction treatment that include reuniting with family members, securing housing, and complying with any legal requirements. Our goal is that the daily stresses and decisions that everyone faces are no longer triggers for addiction, so clients can continue a new life of sustainable recovery after treatment.

At Morningside Recovery, we firmly believe that we offer the best level of care and chance of recovery to anyone who needs help. Call today to speak to a recovery counselor and start your path to a life free of Suboxone!

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