Designer Drugs

Morningside Recovery’s Designer Drugs rehab is up-to-date with the best therapies to treat clients with new, rare, and synthetic drug addictions.

What Are Designer Drugs?

Brewed in crude labs, designer drugs are chemical cousins to legitimate drugs. They are sometimes derivatives of prescription drugs, and replicate the effects of controlled substances with even greater intensity. For example, ecstasy (MDMA) is a synthetic drug derived from amphetamines and hallucinogens.

Dangers of Designer Drugs

Designer drugs are often stronger and more dangerous than other drugs, especially because they vary so much from one drug manufacturer to the other. There is no way to know if a designer drug will cause instant death or serious health conditions. New designer drugs are popping up all the time to avoid classification as illegal or detection on a drug test.

Designer Drugs We Treat

Morningside Recovery stays informed about the latest designer drugs. We treat new and rare synthetic drugs, as well as the following common designer drugs:

Drug Description
Bath Salts Family of amphetamine-like drugs in crystal form
Ecstasy (MDMA) Party drug with energizing & psychedelic effects
K2 / Spice “synthetic marijuana” with mind-altering effects
Ketamine Powerful sedative that produces “out of body” experiences
LSD Most commonly used hallucinogenic
Methamphetamine Extremely addictive synthetic stimulant

Designer Drugs Treatment

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is very effective at treating addiction to designer drugs. This type of therapy can help clients understand their addiction, reestablish life goals, and reconnect with activities they once enjoyed.

Clients have a structured daily schedule that includes physical fitness and outdoor activities in the serene setting of Orange County. Exercise, improved nutrition and therapy are a big part of recovery at Morningside. One client explains: “Before coming to Morningside I would stay up all night. Sometimes after a binge, I would be sick for days. Now I run three mornings a week on the beach and go to the gym.”

Clients are also encouraged to take advantage of Morningside’s academic and career programs. In treatment they set goals to reunite with family members, secure sober housing, or attend one of the many great local colleges in Orange County and Southern California. Families of clients are always invited to learn about the disease of addiction so they can better understand and support their loved one in treatment.