Treatment of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction can ruin relationships, end careers, and destroy mental and physical health. No matter how much an alcoholic wants to quit, their desire to satisfy cravings, suppress withdrawal symptoms, and escape their problems is almost always stronger. People continue to drink despite major health risks.

Alcohol Health Risks

Liver Disease
Impaired brain functions
Birth defects

Withdrawal Symptoms

Nausea & vomiting
Shaking & Tremors
The staff at Morningside provided a safe and unique environment where healing could take place. I had never felt special or had self-worth and the staff gave me the love, patience, and care I needed until I could find it for myself. My life today is one I dreamed of. I am an active participant! [sic] I am free! I have had a personality change through taking action and working hard that has enabled me to practice and learn faith, love, tolerance, self-worth, and integrity!

Morningside Client, 2014

Alcohol Addiction Programs

Non 12 Step - Alcohol Rehab - Morningside Recovery

Twelve-step programs only offer one way to recover from alcohol addiction. That’s why 12 step is just one of the many therapy options available at Morningside Recovery. Leveraging the principles of SMART Recovery, we offer science-based alternatives that meet your individual needs and concerns.

Dual Diagnosis - Alcohol Rehab - Morningside Recovery

The therapeutic team at Morningside Recovery differentiates us from other treatment centers. Master’s and Doctoral level clinicians specialize in treating the underlying mental health issues that coincide with addiction.

Evidence-Based - Alcohol Rehab - Morningside Recovery

Therapists use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and other proven methods to help clients understand their alcohol addiction, cope with cravings, and lead a balanced life. Individual’s benefit from one-on-one therapy and more than 60 group therapy options.