Addiction Treatment

Are you or a loved one struggling with alcohol or drugs? We can help.


Addiction Treatment

Are you or a loved one struggling with alcohol or drugs? We can help.


Understanding Addiction

Substance abuse often starts as self-medication for , , and other mental health issues. As addiction takes hold the user begins to lose interest in relationships and activities they once enjoyed. The fun, appealing qualities of the drug quickly fade as physical health, relationships, and careers fall apart. No matter how much a user wants to quit, their desire to satisfy cravings, suppress withdrawal symptoms, and temporarily escape their problems is almost always stronger. They need help to overcome addiction. Morningside Recovery helps clients achieve lasting recovery by treating underlying psychological reasons for addiction.


Addictions We Treat:


Addiction Treatment Myths

Don't be fooled by addiction "cures"— recovery is a process that begins with effective treatment.

Addiction Intervention Services

Help loved ones realize they need addiction treatment. Morningside works with highly qualified intervention teams.

Signs of Addiction in Young Adults

Does your son or daughter need addiction treatment? Recognize the signs of teen drug abuse.

Signs of a Functional Alcoholic

Functional alcoholics are difficult to diagnose. Spot the subtle signs of alcohol addiction.

Drunk Driving Facts & Statistics

Shocking statistics about drunk driving compiled by various organizations, institutions, and governmental agencies.

Opiate Addiction Information

Opiate addiction is on the rise in the United States. Addiction and dual diagnosis experts can help.

Dangers of Heroin Addiction

Short-term and long-term effects of heroin abuse, and what to expect in addiction treatment.

Risks of Marijuana Abuse

A new study reveals surprising short-term and long-term effects of marijuana on the brain and body.

The freedom really helps. It’s more transitional and you’re not completely cooped up and that really helped me. Being able to talk to family more than 15 minutes a week was really helpful as well. And the fact that Morningside focuses on the mental health aspect and the underlying issues really separates it from the other treatment centers I was at.

Morningside Alumni, April 2014




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