Withdrawal from Xanax is more dangerous than detoxing from many other drugs. This is why it is highly essential you gain the medical supervision you need to get through detox and into rehab treatment safely. Through this medically supervised California Xanax detox program, you can build a new, healthy life after addiction.

Why You Need a Xanax Detox Program

woman participating in California Xanax detox programXanax withdrawal happens when you stop using the drug after lengthy substance abuse. Your brain’s structure and chemistry changed to work with your benzodiazepine. So you no longer feel normal without it. You experience physical discomfort, pain, mental difficulties and emotional instability during the week after you stop your use, possibly longer.

When compared to other anti-anxiety medications, Xanax causes the most dangerous detox symptoms. It is short-acting, so it leaves the body quickly compared to long-acting benzos. This means your withdrawal symptoms happen suddenly and with great strength, especially if you suffered long-term addiction to this potent drug.

During your Xanax detox program treatment, your body cleanses itself of the drug and other toxins of addiction. Medical professionals keep you secure, comfortable and healthy during this time. So you get through withdrawal and its associated symptoms with greater ease and safety than if you try stopping your drug use at home.

Symptoms Relieved in Your Xanax Detox Program

Being in a Xanax detox program helps you avoid feeling seriously uncomfortable during withdrawal. Having medical professionals around you also keeps you safe from significant health complications.

Your chosen drug is one of the most addictive benzos. Withdrawal symptoms occur as early as a few weeks into the drug. If you used Xanax for a long time or took high doses, you can expect severe effects in your Xanax detox program. These include hallucinations and seizures.

Other withdrawal symptoms treated in California Xanax detox program treatment include:

  • Insomnia, anxiety, and irritability
  • Panic attacks, seizures, and sweating
  • Weight loss, headaches, and uncontrollable shaking
  • Suicidal thoughts and concentration problems
  • Vomiting and nausea
  • Heart palpitations
  • Muscle pain and stiffness

If you used Xanax for sleep problems or an anxiety or panic disorder, expect rebound effects. These effects include more intense mental problems than you suffered before using the drug. Rebound effects will only last about a week. But you still need safer treatment for your anxiety, panic or sleep disorder after detox.

Withdrawal effects of Xanax start within a few hours of your last dose. They only continue for just over a week. You can suffer post-acute withdrawal symptoms (PAWS) for up to two years after quitting Xanax. You should never attempt Xanax detox on your own or without medical professionals available to help you in a California Xanax detox program.

Finding the Right California Xanax Detox Program for Your Needs

As an individual, you need a California Xanax detox program that meets your specific individual needs. If you suffer a co-occurring condition of your addiction, such as anxiety, panic disorder, PTSD or depression, you also need dual diagnosis treatment in an accredited detox program.

After detox, you also need an array of therapies and other services to help you end your addiction and enter lasting sobriety. In this program, you need mental health treatment to help you work through the conditions that led you to Xanax use, in the first place.

Help is Here at Morningside Recovery

Morningside Recovery is an Orange County, California Xanax detox program with residential rehab. At Morningside Recovery you gain the medically supervised detox, rehab therapies and other treatment services you need for strong, lasting sobriety and a brighter future.

Programs of Morningside Recovery include:

For yourself or someone you love suffering from addiction, call Morningside Recovery now for the accredited treatment you need. You can end your Xanax addiction and heal anxiety or panic disorder. Call Morningside Recovery now at 855-416-8202 for more details about our California Xanax detox program.