Paying for Treatment

At Morningside Recovery, we understand the obstacle paying for treatment can pose for those in need of substance abuse and mental health services. For many, it may be the only or final thing keeping you from entering treatment. Thankfully, we offer a number of different financial options so you or your loved one can get the help you need as soon as possible.

Treatment Financing

One thing we can do is verify whether or not your insurance may fully or partially cover treatment. In a matter of hours, we can not only confirm your insurance coverage, but determine what amount they may cover for you. For those without insurance, we also offer a special financing option thanks to our alliance with Prosper Healthcare Lending. We can help you apply for this special program, which exists for the sole purpose of providing financing for substance abuse and mental health treatment.

Financial Aid Programs

If neither of these methods is an option for you, we also offer different sliding scale and alternate fee options. Many people find they are eligible for one or more of our financial aid programs. If you do not have private insurance or the ability to private pay for treatment, don’t give up! In addition to the options above, some clients may qualify for partial scholarship funding through our alumni scholarship fund, a financial resource created by Morningside Recovery Alumni to assist those struggling to afford the care they need. Speak to a Morningside Recovery admissions specialist today and we will work to find the most suitable payment option for you.

Morningside is here to help you or your loved one get the treatment you desperately need. We have admissions counselors ready to help you figure out how to pay for treatment and guide you step-by-step through our different financial options. Although paying for treatment may seem daunting or out of reach, we do everything we can to meet your financial needs and help you find your way here. Our number one priority is helping those suffering from substance abuse and mental health concerns and we firmly believe we offer the best care and hope for recovery. Call today or fill out our insurance verification form to learn more about your personal financial options for treatment. We’re here to help any time, day or night!