what you can experience at Morningside Recovery Newport BeachNot everyone who struggles with addiction asks for help. For those who do, it’s vital that they get the help that they need. Morningside Recovery Newport Beach employs experienced staff to offer that support. However, what makes our rehab center an excellent choice for both men and women?

More Than Just Another Rehab Center

Most facilities focus on providing addiction treatment, but that’s it. While this is helpful, there’s so much more that should be available for their clients. Overcoming addiction is just the first step toward re-entering society. Many people need to learn new skills to start new lives.

Morningside Recovery Newport Beach provides vocational programs. The classes help people learn new skills that they can utilize once they get out of rehab. The goal is to help them jump-start their lives and get jobs. This is a level of support that few other rehab programs offer.

Healing Through Adventure

It’s essential that rehab centers offer unique ways to help people overcome addiction. One way that Morningside Recovery provides support is through adventure therapy. This type of psychotherapy involves outdoor activities.

In most cases, adventure therapy activities have some type of risk. Sometimes the risk is real, but not at other times. In either case, the risk creates a physical and emotional challenge for the clients to overcome.

During these activities, clients learn more about themselves. They also add some excitement to therapies that people typically perceive as dull.

Morningside Recovery Newport Beach Offers Alumni Programs

The fight against addiction doesn’t end with rehab. Battling addiction is a lifelong journey. However, it’s a journey that Morningside Recovery plans to make with its clients. Our rehab center offers an alumni program that people can enroll in after completing rehab.

Alumni programs allow people to stay in contact with the rehab center. They can still join therapy sessions and find support when they need it the most. This continued effort to help clients even after rehab sets us apart from other rehab centers.

Pet-Friendly Environment

For many people, their pets are their best friends and family members. When they struggle with addiction, it’s important to keep their loved ones near. Morningside Recovery Newport Beach understands how important pets are, which is why we offer a pet-friendly environment.

Pets help reduce stress, which is important during addiction treatment. Studies show that people have a better chance of overcoming addiction when their stress levels are low. Keeping a pet close also prevents them from worrying about their pets while they’re away at rehab.

We have no breed or size restrictions when it comes to bringing pets. The only requirement is that they’re up to date on their shots and vet visits. These requirements ensure the safety of all pets and persons at the rehab center.

Let Morningside Recovery Newport Beach Help You Beat Addiction

At Morningside Recovery, our mission is to provide treatment that you can count on. We want to help you beat addiction and create a life for yourself after treatment. With our vocational programs, you can prepare for your future before you leave. Some of the other programs that we offer include:

Dual diagnosis programs are a cornerstone of many treatment plans. They help people deal with the cause of their addiction. Finding the cause makes it easier to treat addiction and avoid triggers later on.

Don’t try to battle addiction without help from a professional. Find out how Morningside Recovery Newport Beach can help you. Reach out to our friendly staff members today at 855-631-2135 for more information.