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Benefits of Involuntary Client Placements

Posted by | Blog, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Treatment Programs

“Bill’s Story”– Bill is a recovering drug addict in his mid thirties. Bill was court mandated to serve three months in a drug and alcohol treatment program. Prior to entering the residential treatment program, Bill served some jail time for drug violations. When Bill was brought to the program he was very reluctant and resistant to the structure and rules. The decision by the court was very much against Bill’s will and he did not see the need for change. It was difficult for Bill’s therapist as she tried her best to deal with the behaviors of this involuntary client. Through months of treatment such as cognitive behavioral therapy and solution-focused therapy, Bill’s therapist began to see willingness to change in his behavior. The therapist focused on strengthening Bill’s self esteem through exploring his own skills and competencies. Bill’s family participated in his recovery and treatment program as well.
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