Fun Activities for Substance Abuse Groups in Southern California

Fun & Activites in Recovery, while in Orange County, CAMorningside uses many activities for substance abuse groups available in Southern California to provide sober fun for all clients dealing with substance abuse. The outdoors and physical group activities provide a healthy and fun outlet to achieving more positive goals in clients. Our comprehensive treatment program incorporates fun group activities every week. Every Friday the staff leads groups struggling with substance abuse on a variety of group activities, such as whale watching, paint ball, even snowboarding. On a daily basis, clients take walks, jog, surf and watch the sun set into the ocean. A short list of the many group activities includes trips to Disneyland, kayaking, miniature golf, hiking, sailing to Catalina Island and other experiences that are fun, enjoyable and therapeutic for those struggling with substance abuse.

 Southern California: Treatment Center ActivitiesPleasurable group activities help clients who may be suffering from substance abuse. Some people who have a long history of substance abuse, particularly methamphetamine and opiate abuse, will suffer from anhedonia (acute depression) early in their recovery, which group activities help to alleviate. Participating in group activities in the “here and now” directs patients attention to their behaviors, thoughts, and feelings, and assists them to become aware of how their substance abuse has altered their response(s) to life experiences. Activities for substance abuse groups that connect to substance abuse therapy can be especially effective in dealing with mood disorders. During and after the group activities clients process the event and associated emotions heightened by their substance abuse history to be better prepared for future real-world experiences.

Below are just a few the activities for substance abuse groups that Morningside clients may enjoy throughout the year:

  • Barbecues – Often held on Newport Beach/Balboa Peninsula, supervised by staff.
  • Boat Charters – Great deep sea fishing and whale watching.
  • Indoor Wall-climbing and Outdoor Ropes/Ziplines teamwork therapy.
  • Stand up Paddling – In Newport Harbor or in nearby Laguna Beach.
  • Touch Football – Usually played on the beach.
  • Local NBA, MLB and NHL games.
  • Swimming/surfing – The sandy beaches on the edge of the Pacific Ocean – Offers incredible serenity, and surfing lessons are available. Newport Beach is, of course, home of The Wedge.
  • Volleyball – Generally open to all who are fit enough to participate.
  • Laguna Beach Sawdust Art Festival – A mix of fine art and crafts – July and August.
  • Movies – The historic Lido Theatre offers both mainstream and independent films. Also, it’s one of the homes for the Newport Beach Film Festival.
  • Painting or drawing – A therapeutic group activity.
  • Bowling – A fun and simple group activity.
  • Kayaking – A group activity opportunity to enjoy the scenic, serene Newport Harbor/Newport Beach’s “Back Bay”.
  • Hiking – Local nature excursions in the nearby canyons and foothills where wildlife is abundant.
  • An updated full listing of Orange County Fairs & Festivals is found over on the Orange County Register.