Famous Figures That Suffered From Agoraphobia | Morningside Recovery

Famous Figures That Suffered From Agoraphobia

Even some of the most accomplished and famous figures in history have suffered from social anxiety and agoraphobia. What is Agoraphobia? Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder associated with fear or panic in crowds, lines of people, or anywhere outside one’s “safe area,” typically their home. Agoraphobia can take mild to extreme forms, from preventing social […]

7 Powerful Addiction Memoirs to Add to Your Reading List |Morningside Recovery

7 Powerful Addiction Memoirs to Add to Your Reading List

Reading a great memoir about addiction and recovery can give you hope and remind you that you’re not alone. One of the hardest parts of life is feeling lonely. This feeling of isolation can lead to depression, or make hard times even harder. On the other hand, feeling connected to someone or feeling like someone […]

Refreshing Fruit Infused Water Recipes | Morningside Recovery

Refreshing Fruit Infused Water Recipes

Adding fruity flavor to water makes staying hydrated tastier and more enjoyable. Try some Refreshing Fruit Infused Water Recipes that will make you feel energized, replenished, and rejuvenated. 1. Apple-Cinnamon Water ½ gallon water 2 wedge cut apples (of your choice) 6 Cinnamon sticks (powdered works too: about one tablespoon) Ice 2. Cucumber-Tangerine-Grapefruit Water ½ […]

Your Brain on Pot: Recent Study Show the Effects of Marijuana on the Brain | Morningside Recovery

Your Brain on Pot: Recent Study Shows the Effects of Marijuana on the Brain

With changing attitudes and laws regarding marijuana in the United States that favor legalization and decriminalization, there is new science emerging to better understand the health effects of marijuana on the brain and body. Recent Study on the Effects of Marijuana on the Brain A study at Harvard and Northwestern University examined the brains of […]

How to Party like a Recovery Rockstar| Morningside Recovery

How to Party like a Recovery Rockstar

Just because you don’t drink or do drugs anymore doesn’t mean that you can’t party like a Rockstar! With great friends, fun activities, and delicious snacks, you can have the time of your life and throw a party that everyone will remember! To help you plan, we have great tips on what to do. Throwing […]

What Is Non-Traditional Treatment? |Morningside Recovery

What Is Non-Traditional Treatment?

Have you ever considered an “open model,” non-traditional treatment? Also known as the Florida model, this new non-lockdown protocol can be used in combination with custom therapies to achieve a much higher success rate than most traditional or 12-step treatment centers. Some other options that you may not have heard of (yet) include: BioSound Healing […]

Mental Health & Addiction Charities That Rock! | Morningside Recovery

Mental Health and Addiction Charities That Rock!

Support these seven mental health and addiction charities that rock! The money, goods, and other assets you donate to charities make a difference in the world as you assist organizations in achieving their missions for improved mental health and long-lasting sobriety. 1. Safe Call Now When you think of people who are at risk for […]

Love and Recovery | Morningside Recovery

Love and Recovery

Starting to date is a personal choice. Handling love and recovery is more difficult for some people, and only you can know when to start a romantic relationship. Butterflies, sweaty palms, flirtatious remarks, and constantly checking your phone is all a part of the dating world. Dating is fun; it boosts self-esteem, produces positive endorphins, […]

Be Mindful in Recovery | Morningside Recovery

Be Mindful in Recovery

Be Mindful in Recovery. We experience emotions throughout the day and mindfulness requires embracing these emotions without judgment. A few days ago my work day went as normal. I spoke to clients, laughed with coworkers, and sipped my water as I snacked on a bag of chips. When the day came to an end, I […]

9 Reasons to Believe in an Addict's Recovery | Morningside Recovery

9 Reasons to Believe in an Addict’s Recovery

Even when it seems hopeless, there are many reasons to believe in an addict’s recovery. Half of all adults know a family member, neighbor, friend, or coworker trying to recover from addiction. Perhaps an estranged spouse, beloved child, or absent parent is the addict in your life. Maybe it’s the individual in the mirror. No […]