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You don’t need a long-winded explanation of what alcoholism can do to a person. If you’re here, either you or someone you love is struggling with alcohol addiction.

The good news is you’ve taken the first step towards recovery — you’ve recognized there’s a problem.

Here’s what one of our former clients who came to us for alcohol abuse treatment has to say about how Morningside Recovery helped her:

“The staff at Morningside provided a safe and unique environment where healing could take place. I had never felt special or self-worth and the staff gave me the love, patience, and care I needed until I could find it for myself. My life today is one I dreamed of. I am an active participant! [sic] I am free! I have had a personality change through taking action and working hard that has enabled me to practice and learn faith, love, tolerance, self-worth, and integrity!

Today I am living a life that is of worth and purpose. My solutions are no longer in a drink or a drug. I have learned a new way of life. I not only feel like a new person I am in fact not the same person. I live each day to the fullest and without the threat of active addiction because I have been taught by Morningside where the solutions lie to any problems that may arise today! Against all odds! I have been able to re-create a life that is beyond any life I could have imagined for myself and most importantly a life of dignity and worth! Learn it! Feel it! Live it!

Thanks Morningside, I will be forever grateful for my new life”

-Kelly K

Our alcohol treatment program here in our Southern California alcohol rehab centers will help you or your loved one by following these steps for dual-diagnosis recovery and rehabilitation:

  • Education about alcoholism, including its adverse effects on the brain and how alcohol-impaired choices cause the spiritual, physical, relational, emotional, legal, vocational, financial, and other problems they’ve been experiencing.
  • Bring the family into the alcohol recovery conversation when possible, both to educate members about the alcoholic’s condition as well as to engage the family in the process of examining how each member participates in the family dynamic that has alcoholism in its midst.
  • Engage both the alcoholic client and family in the multi-dimensional process of sustainable sobriety and recovery from alcoholism — to encourage lasting recovery.

Morningside Recovery’s staff is comprised entirely of masters- and doctorate-level clinicians. We differ from traditional alcohol treatment centers through our world class therapeutic team, which specializes in treating the underlying health issues that coincide with addiction. Most alcohol rehab centers are staffed by addiction counselors with just a few hours of education on this relationship.

At our alternative, non-lockdown treatment center, we assess clients as individuals in order to customize treatment through a broad range of programs. Between our clinical expertise and our unique treatment paradigm, our therapeutically-driven recovery model is without equal. Moreover, support in this real-life context allows for a smooth transition into long term sobriety after patients exit our alcohol rehab center. All of this works together to make our program and center among the very best offered at alcohol treatment centers anywhere in the country. This is a fight you can win.

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