Opiate Treatment in Newport Beach, California

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The turmoil and destruction of opiate addiction doesn’t have to be a life sentence. Relief from the daily struggle of an opiate addiction is discovered every day here at Morningside Recovery. Treatment for opiate addiction involves changing deeply imbedded behaviors, which empowers one to break free from the deadly grip of opiates. Addicts themselves are often dumbfounded by their own continued use despite severe losses (financial, spouses, jobs, self-esteem), severe physically adverse consequences, and the threat of other damage. The despair and distress, the need to understand addiction as broken or impaired self and healing begins as soon as you or your loved one arrives at Morningside.

“I’ve never been able to stay sober by myself or with the help of any other recovery center that I’ve been to. Morningside changed that.”
— Scott


Discover a new life and break free of opiate addiction

In the words of a former client, “I got to the point where I knew I was lying to myself every day, but I couldn’t stop. I never thought I could get like that, totally controlled by a drug. I would wake and tell myself that I wouldn’t get loaded. But an hour later I always found an excuse to pop some pills.”

At Morningside, opiate addiction is alleviated by guiding clients through a customized treatment plan. Treatment is tailored to address the individual’s abuse patterns and related medical, psychiatric, and social problems. Our treatment setting in Newport Beach, CA creates a peaceful, healing environment designed to incorporate healthy activities into each day. Clients can meditate amid the glow of a sunrise by the ocean, or enjoy group activities at the beach. Every week the staff leads clients on a variety of fun (and more productive) activities. These activities are a mix of fun diversions, and specific recreational opportunities like volunteering that also serve therapeutic ends. And, being in Newport Beach, surfing is just a few blocks away.

As clients progress through treatment, they find themselves modifying their attitudes and behaviors related to opiate abuse. By taking advantage of all Morningside has to offer, clients learn how to handle the stressful circumstances and environmental cues that once triggered relapse, and move on towards the life they were supposed to live.

“I was dating this guy and he always had dope. I found myself still dating him just for the drugs. I was disgusted with myself. I don’t see that happening ever again.”

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