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Morningside Recovery’s drug dependence treatment model stems from knowledge gained through years of addiction treatment experience, backed by decades of clinical research. Our drug and alcohol treatment center continually invests in the most advanced treatment resources available, in order to redefine how medicine, therapy, and technology can work together towards sobriety. With our specialty in dual-diagnosis and co-occurring disorders, our addiction rehab programs are able to meet the unique challenges presented by addiction, to ensure our clients get the addiction help they need.

At our addiction treatment center, clients work with a primary therapist to select the best clinical options for their personal situation. Our therapists take into account the client’s culture, values, and interpersonal relationship patterns to create a proactive, informed approach to rehabilitation and recovery that includes:

  • The experience and research of our clinical experts
  • Each client’s personal history & past experiences
  • The needs, values, preferences, & the client’s unique nature
  • Each therapist’s personal style & specialties
  • Informed advice from clinical supervisors & other therapists

Our evidence-based approach to rehabilitation combines research and clinical experience with a large dose of common sense. Aided by the latest addiction help research and findings, Morningside Recovery’s therapists are able to identify changes in the client’s needs throughout their recovery process. This approach allows our professionals to create a uniquely tailored plan for addiction and dependency treatment that provides clients with the tools to ensure the best chance for long-term sobriety and enhanced quality of life. There are many other addiction treatment centers available, but our unique methodology has proven successful and our focus on patient care has been is unprecedented.

The first phase of addiction treatment emphasizes quieting the brain and the body. This phase takes place in the serene setting of our Southern California addiction treatment center, where clients make sober friends, get regular exercise, and learn relaxation techniques. Relieved of the pressures and demands of the outside world, our clients can focus solely on their recovery.

Clients participate in their treatment process by developing sober connections with other clients and building rapport with our therapists, who continually assess the client’s need to define realistic goals. Through individual and group therapy, clients make new connections and discover and remove their long-standing obstacles of self-expression and recovery. Each individual learns to allow and understand professional and peer feedback, which helps to build the critical relationships that support recovery.

Within our drug addiction treatment center clients are taught and encouraged to:

  • Follow and enjoy a daily schedule
  • Care for themselves
  • Become part of a team
  • Accept and understand feedback; voice their own feedback
  • Think and speak honestly; Act responsibly
  • If applicable, follow all recommendations of their doctor & psychiatrist
  • Comply with and value testing to verify abstinence from alcohol and other drugs


Specialized Addiction Treatment Tracks:

Drug Dependency Rehab and Mental Health Modules

Morningside Recovery clients may benefit from any of the specialized recovery tracks offered at our addiction treatment center.

Tracks include:

  • Healthy Living/Disordered Eating
  • Mood Disorders, including depression, anxiety & bipolar affective disorder
  • Co-occurring Disorders: treating substance abuse or addiction(s) occurring with mental health issues, i.e. Dual Diagnosis treatment
  • Trauma and Attachment, including emotional dysregulation, which commonly occurs in personality disorders and PTSD
  • Chronic physical and emotional pain
  • Grief and Loss, both before & during the transition to addiction rehab and treatment
  • 12-Step Recovery
  • Non-12-Step Recovery

Additionally, Morningside Recovery clients are evaluated through each step of treatment according to the clearly articulated goals set at the beginning of the recovery process.

These evaluations measure:

  • Client cooperation in recovery
  • Compliance with the constructive schedules required during rehabilitation
  • Client conduct and honesty
  • Active participation in dialogue/feedback
  • Completion of a set of written interpersonal assessment assignments.

Specific privileges for each phase of treatment are also carefully noted, helping to reinforce and celebrate each client’s efforts with milestone measures of success.

Typically, the early weeks of treatment are the most unpredictable for clients. Clients may go from greatly appreciating the opportunity at enhanced health, to doubting themselves and experiencing levels of regret in just a matter of hours. Because of the unique challenges early-stage treatment presents, we recommend the 48-hour rule for families; your loved one may be upset about this transition and may need some time to settle into their new treatment environment. Almost always, the client’s focus shifts dramatically either away from the original concern or to a more settled view. To aid in this transition, the creation of clear boundaries around both emotional and physical separation is imperative. This will assist recovery and help family members move away from some of the traps and pitfalls that can contribute to their loved ones’ cycles of loss, relapse, anxiety, depression, and even physical illness. In order to achieve long-term success, we believe that recovery must be a process of personal growth.

As one client shared:

“When I arrived at Morningside, I was totally shut down. I just wanted to get loaded and erase the world. I didn’t want to believe that I was in pain and seeking relief through drugs. After detox and joining Phase I, recovery sort of crept up on me. I found myself opening up and healing, little by little.”

At Morningside Recovery, we firmly believe that we offer the highest level of care and best chance of recovery to those in need of help. Regardless of any previous experience with other addiction treatment centers, please call today to speak to a counselor about a new life of sustainable, long-term recovery.

Contact Morningside Recovery now for a Confidential Assessment. Advisors are standing by 24/7 at 888-680-2352.