Why Morningside Recovery? The Morningside Difference.


You may be here because you or someone you love has once again spun through the revolving door of rehab. Or perhaps you are here because you have realized that you desperately need help for the first and — hopefully — only time. Finding treatment for you or your loved one that actually works can be a confusing and at times seemingly hopeless process, which, on top of the stress you are already experiencing, is overwhelming.

We’re here to help.

The majority of treatment centers follow the 12-step model, which though well-known, is not as successfuly as full integration of the latest therapeutic services and techniques. Most 12-step programs are the same: lockdown living for 28 days, following 12 “steps” that are largely based from AA principles. Addiction is seen as the only disease to be treated. What’s missing is the treatment of psychological issues that often accompany addiction—grief, loss, trauma, low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety among them. In fact, 90% of addicts have suffered some form of trauma in their lifetime. Often, there are underlying mental health issues that drive addiction, which is known as dual-diagnosis or co-occurring disorders.


Traditional treatment centers are staffed by addiction counselors who were only required one course in their education on the psychological issues that coincide with addiction. Morningside Recovery is different, with a staff comprised of Master’s and Doctorate level therapists who specialize in treating the underlying mental health issues and traumas that often go hand-in-hand with addiction. It’s the excellence of our therapeutic team and our unique, open treatment model that make us unrivaled in dual-diagnosis treatment.
According to Morningside Recovery therapist and clinical director Dr. Gerald Grosso, “Morningside has one of the most comprehensive dual-diagnosis programs I’ve ever seen. We are also problem-focused rather than symptom-focused, which is unlike the majority of treatment models.”

We specialize in treating the underlying mental health issues and traumas that go hand-in-hand with addiction

Morningside Recovery operates under a non-lockdown treatment model in Newport Beach and Costa Mesa, CA, which exposes and teaches clients the everyday life-skills necessary to live sober and healthfully function after treatment. With our constant therapeutic support and supervision, clients can attend classes at a local college, work part-time, bike with housemates to the beach, have their cellphone, and be visited by family whenever they’d like. In other words, you are as close to real life as you can get. Support in this real-world context allows for a smooth transition into self-sufficient, sustainable recovery. Additionally, we custom tailor treatment for each client through a broad selection of programs, ranging from traditional 12-step to art workshops, experiential activities like zip-lining and hiking, or volunteering at the local animal shelter. We also have as many as twenty therapeutic groups each day, five running concurrently at any time, held at our clinical office throughout the day, which are delegated by topic and assigned according to each client’s individual needs. Having this many options to choose from is a huge part of what makes us excel where other treatment centers fail. Rather than treat just the mental health and addiction issues, we strive to promote healing and recovery for the whole person.

At Morningside Recovery, we firmly believe that we offer the best level of care and chance of recovery to anyone who needs help. Call today to begin a new life of sustainable recovery!